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I'm new here but thought it might help someone to know my circumstances. Just over 20 years ago I had breast cancer diagnosed. Both had to come off and was offered a choice of 2 reconstruction ops. The first were implants which were done at the time of the amputation of my breasts. These were successful from a psychological point of view as I still had my form when I recovered from the op. I was given the option at a later date to have a minor op to have a sort of nipple added but I declined that. I continued with my implants for quite a few years until they, like the cosmetic ones which only have a finite lif, gave up the ghost and I had to have them surgically removed. Because of the nature of the op I spent over 6 months healing from the inside out. This meant having to go to a surgery or outpatients to have the wounds dressed. When all was healed I was offered more implants or prostheses. As far as I'm concerned one can only have some many ops before one is living on borrowed time so plumped for the prostheses. I am quite happy with my form and there is a very good company called Amoena where you can buy bras, dresses etc. All these things make you feel good about yourself. I would like to add that my partner John, who became my husband, was the stalwart person everyone facing cancer needs in their life. Unfortunately he died last year but he is still with me helping me come to terms with another cancer - Mantel cell lymphoma - so be brave and kick arse to cancer and to everyone that isn't on your side.

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What a journey ...I bet you could write a book!.....Carry on being positive. Sending love and healing thoughts




Thank you x


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