Radiotherapy side effects

Hi can anyone help me get through my last 8 days of RD right now sunday morning i could cry thinking treatment again tomorrow had a total rhinectomy ( nose removed ) that is where they are treating it is a big open wound omg i'm so sore i know in these 8 days its gonna get worse this weekend the skin has split open especially the little area of flesh i have left on inner corner of eyes that is the part they consentrate on as told i could have eye damage due to RD as lovely as the nurses are havent had any offers of help i try stay positive about treatment for cancer but this is really taking it out of me and then to find out it will be like this 5 weeks after treatment stops the future not looking so bright its been a rough time from my diagnoses its took so much from me confidence, socialbility and my freedom i dont go out now did at first thought each time would get easier opposite effect on me it got harder would really really appreciate any help anybody can offer thankyou

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  • I'm so so sorry for you. I'm afraid I can't help with anything. But I want you to know I'm thinking of you. I can't even begin to imagine how you must be feeling. How do you stay positive going through that. The only thing I can say is. What choice do you have. You have to keep going. Sending you a great big hug. Keep writing your thoughts. I will keep you focused. Xxx

  • Thankyou by just responding you have helped been on here a while only ever had response from admin but i do know my cancer is rare just knowing that someone cares can brighten the darkest days it is the nature of the world to give us challenges it is human nature to support one another as we try to get through them even the strongest people must step back take a deep breath and summons there courage sometimes even a well planned journy can have a rough road now and again, i release my troubles by writing them down it helps thankyou again xx hope you are well enjoy your day x

  • I have lymphoma and in remission. There is no cure I was stage 4. How is got through chemo I'll never know. But having people who understand how you feel helps a lot. Family are often not the right ones to offer load on. I don't usually come on to this site. I'm glad I did today. To be able to talk to you. Where do you live. I live in Surrey. I attend the Royal Marsden hospital in Sutton. Let me know how you are getting on. Best wishes Lynne

    big hug. Xx

  • I am sorry to hear your illness when were you diagnosed i agree about talking to family yes i know they care but dont want to hear " your strong you can fight this" or " your lucky your still here others havent been so lucky" there have been moments when i wished i wasnt here and dont know about being lucky i see cancer very different now i'm allowed to be angry, ask the question why me allowed to cry sit there in silence if i want people sometimes dont think so though, no i'm not being negative just being me but all i've got is all i can give and that should be enough sometimes sitting listening to the quiet i get to know my inner strenghth no one knows my challenge better than me i will listen to advice but i will follow my heart trust my own instinct and keep on keeping on a day at a time.

    I live in Derby and attend royal derby hospital the nurses are lovely consultants not bad either even though i think there is a lack of communication between themselves and i do believe they could of found my cancer earlier i got lost in the system my treatment wouldnt of had to be so severe oh well it is what it is..... i'm lucky to be here so i'm told lolol oh my name is Lindsay and i'm 56 shhhhh its a secret i will let you know how i get on with radiotherapy take care

  • I have 5 days still sore and painful but not any worse than it is now still 1 day at a time i still have a long battle ahead hope you are well xxx

  • Hi how are you doing? Thinking of you. Big hug. X

  • I completed R/T on wednesday just gone it is still very sore and weepy but now i dont have to go hospital everyday it will hopefully start to heal and put it in the past ready for my next hurdle, i have been maxiofacial clinic today just for a check up they are happy how it looks i have to wait 4 weeks then they will check to see if the bone has fused around the magnetic implants at the moment its about building up my strength and healing,

    I thankyou from my heart for your messages they really encouraged me when i was at a very low part, cancer can make you feel very lonely at times I hope everything is going well with you and hope that we can stay in touch xxx big hug

  • So pleased for you now that part of your journey is over, I wish you a continued good recovery, look after yourself xxxx

  • Not sure if this is going to help, I had 15 sessions of radiotherapy for breast cancer in January 2014, the first 7 days I climbed a mountain day 8 sat on top of mountain drinking alcohol, eating chocolate and cream cakes (none of which I do in my real life) then 7 days back down my mountain, yes I struggled with the treatment but not to the extent you are, how about day dreaming, this is only a suggestion , Monday on a train/plane to your desired destination a few days exploring and then the last couple of days journeying home, I'll be thinking of you, sending love and hugs x

  • On monday i will be sitting on the soft white sands of the caribean drinking lots of white rum then moving my feet to the reggae beat i'll be thinking off you jennymary lolol wish you were here


  • That's Monday sorted, where are you going Tuesday, or just going on a magical mystery tour.....enjoy

  • Radiotherapy is far more draining and emotionally challenging than they ever admit.......for you it sounds horrendous. Are you taking the right painkillers? Can you get some different ones? As an extra Boswellia Serrata is a good and natural anti inflammatory and it has anti cáncer effects also, Solgar is a good make. Can you ask the technicians what you can use to help calm the área......?

    I have been left with a mutilated body after cáncer and still really struggle with that, but its not on my face. I think you are really brave to even go out of the door, all of this cáncer treatment knocks us far more than we realise and I absolutely the positivity train as that is just an extra burden for us, stuff positive, be realisit and cry and be sad if you need to be. Studies show those of us who do that actually have the better survival rate.

    Good luck

  • Thankyou really really mean that felt more in touch reading your message you sound very much like me says it how it is without the rose tinted glasses on x

  • Hi Lindsay,

    When I had radiotherapy I hated going every single day too. Radiotherapy burned my skin badly, and the whole experience was exhausting and upsetting. The hospital staff didn't have the time to support me in any way other than strictly medical. I didnt have the tools and skills to help myself.

    I was lucky to find support from my GP, a local cancer charity, and wonderful Penny Brohn, (all after my treatment though). They all helped me accept each day and its challenges, stop wishing for the past or the future, and transform my own thinking about it all.

    So, on a practical level, perhaps you could take some relaxing music with you for whilst you are waiting for your treatment. Perhaps a positive book to read, the PB shop has loads of suggestions. When you get home, curl up with a soft blanket and cushions. Fragrance the room with aromatherapy oils, sit in a warm sunny place or outside in the garden if you can. Sleep as much and as often as you need to, I have never slept so much in my life, and my body really needed it.

    If you can ask for help for day to day things it wont seem so overwhelming, and you can focus on your wellbeing. I eventually got my shopping delivered and unpacked, I asked my sister to help me clean once a week. I added vitamins and lots of fruit and veg to my diet, and I tried reiki, relaxation tapes and a mindfulness class. There are lots of other helpful therapies out there, if you prefer.

    The treatment will pass, you will slowly get your energy back, you will deal with the swirl of your thoughts and emotions. You can then start to go forward on your new path.

    Sending love and prayers for you today. x

  • Got call from hospital today they cancelled my RD as 1 machine wasn't working rebooked for sat 3rd going caribean tomorrow now

  • You sound very brave. I'm sorry that you are suffering....I am thinking of you and sending you love and hugs. Look forward and keep focused.

    Love xxx

  • Well thats day 8 over with 7 more then whoo hoo done done done done thank you all for your kind words they really did help big hugs

  • How was the Caribbean where are you off too next????hope your private plane is fuelled and ready to go x

  • Carribean was lovely drank to much rum though, not going to far from uk i'm going to france actually paris they say its very romantic well i'm on my own maybe i might find romance there.

    I've got 6 more days of adventure left i will keep you posted xx

  • I'm off to buy my wedding outfit😀😀😀😀

  • Now you got me confused are you doing a cilla joke ( blind date) concerning my romance search lolol???? Or could it be congratulations on your future wedding lolol ???

  • Sorry, yes it's a blind date joke, you may find a nice young Parisian to marry, that's something to think of during a RD session, I have no partner so no marriage plans....

  • Put your outfit away thought about it but more trouble than there worth xxx

  • That's why I'm still young (age 54) free and single, maybe while in Paris visit some of the fashion houses....whatever you do enjoy, your radiotherapy will be over now before you know it

  • Me too young (56) free, single only got one destination left could be any beach in the world but i'm going for 5 days i'll be sitting there watching my 3 grandchildren isaac 4yrs eesah 2yrs and lacie 1 yr building sandcastles and playing with beachball i'll take them to have a paddle in the sea only a daydream this year but gonna make it real next year god willing xx

  • You will make those dreams come true, just keep them close to your heart and don't let anyone or anything destroy them xxx

  • Hi 4 days left last day is 7th then its recovery time hope you are well xx

  • Sorry, I don't have any experience with that form of cancer, but when I was going through my treatment, I found it helpful to watch my favourite films, especially funny ones, to try and cheer me up a bit and listen to my favourite music. I take Folic acid tabs, one a day, to help keep me positive, as it was in the British Medical Journal, saying it helps against depression.

    Can they give you a prosthesis , a fake nose, to cover the wound area, so you could go outside without feeling awkward ? I saw a programme of a woman who had the same cancer and she was given a false nose to wear, no-one could tell it was fake.

    I do hope you feel better soon. Also I went to a Cancer support clinic that you could go and talk about your feelings ,. And other cancer sufferers, this helped me get through the worse times . Do you have any support clinics near you. .?

  • Hi freinds just wanted to share with you all

    I did the 5k race for life on sunday it was i finished the course in less than a hour exhausted but it was awesome it touched me in so many ways the amount of people taking part the supporters cheering everyone on felt i was in the olypics still collecting my sponcership but will let you know the total raised

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