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Colorectal polyps

I'm new here. Can anyone offer advice? My 27 year old son had a sigmoidoscopy today after years of digestive troubles. 3 polyps were found and sent for biopsy. He has been told he will probably need to have a colonoscopy. He is very anxious. Does anybody have experience of colorectal polyps in younger patients? I know that they are very common in the over 50 age group.

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Please assure him this needs to be completed as it may just save his life. I had a Polyp removed and the relief when it was benign was great, and having polyps removed that are pre-cancerous is also a blessing and you can go forward knowing the odds are so much better. Stay positive at every stage and you will reap the rewards. Bless you and your lovely son. Adrienne xx

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Hi. My sister died at 42 of colon cancer and so I have been having colonoscopy every 3 years for the lAst 18 years. Have had polyps removed each time (different types and sizes). Tell him he need not worry. If he has to have one just make sure he does the prep properly to clear the system. Good luck to him.


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