My dad has been diagnosed with a tumour

Hi everyone. My dad recently got tested for bowel cancer, they found an abnormal result so they did a colonoscopy today and found a tumour on his large intestine, they took a sample of the tissue and said he has to await for a CT scan to see what it is and hopefully catch it early.

I am worried sick and keep thinking what if it has spread? there is no appointment date as they told us to wait 10 days!!

shall i do the CT scan privately for him?

Also does a tumour mean cancer?? could it be something else. He is only 60 :(

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  • Hi Emily

    At least it sounds as if it is an early diagnosis. The best scan of all is a PET scan which would show cancer hot spots, but the NHS does not use that as routine . But do ask about it . If you want to get a quick answer you could definitely consider paying for a CT scan .

    I was diagnosed with bowel cancer 2 yrs ago , and am here.Do not panic .

    Sending you big hugs

  • thank you i will ask about it. we finally have the ct scan appointment for this week however the doctors on the phone seem really worried its like they are not telling us something. everyone is just so upset, i hope it is caught early xx

  • Hi Emily

    Make a list of questions that you want to ask the Doctors, because one tends to go blank in front of them

    Hopefully you will get an answer next week .

    Stay strong

    All love

  • A tumour does not always mean cancer. I'm sure you will have the scan appointment soon. I've had bowel cancer and I'm still alive and causing trouble. Keep positive and keep in touch. Sending love



  • thanks we have an appointment date now for this week x x

  • Good luck.....keep in touch.....sending healing thoughts

    Jean x

  • A tumour can be benign or malignant. Waiting is both scary and frustrating. I wish your Dad...and all of you well

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