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Hi I've been married for 20 years, aged 48 with 2 teenage sons. Worked for 20 years as an IT Director for a large Clinical Research Company, love my family and loved my job. I live in Cornwall.

Diagnosed 2013 with Colorectal Cancer, Upper Anterior Resection and temporary ileostomy. Took 3 months off and returned to work late 2013 receiving the "all clear" after a colonoscopy early 2014. Also, diagnosed that summer with Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Diagnosed late 2014 with a relapse in Pelvic wall as primary and secondary lungs. Retired from work to concentrate on my health. January 2015 Received 3 months chemo of 5FU and Oxaliplatin - suffering from Neuropathy in the hands and feet still, then 35 days of targeted radiotherapy to the Pelvic wall. Took 6 months off treatment and recommenced in January 2016 with 3 months Avastin & Irinotecan infusion (nasty!) then onto maintenance chemo since May 2016 of Avastin & Capecitabine, had to play with the dosage but now coping fairly well with the side-effects.

I have spent the last 2 years looking into Complementary Therapies and practice, Yoga, Meditation, Juicing, 80/20 Healthy diet (because I can't be good all the time) and take a few supplements to boost my immune system.

I now volunteer at our local Macmillan Centre - The Cove, and support to other local charities in Cornwall supporting their websites. I'm still adjusting and absorbing my "incurable" diagnosis, I am just over 2 years in and have met many people in similar situations that are more than 5 - 7 years into their journey and find them very inspiring and supportive.

I still need help and constantly go between trying to find out as much as i can to help me continue with my treatment and wanting to ignore everything about cancer and try to get on with a normal life.

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  • Hi Pollydiana,

    Welcome to our site if ever you need advice or just encouragement you will find it here we have all been, or on this journey .

    I'm sorry to hear you have had to go through so much, you sound like you have the strength to fight this beast and will be one off the inspiring ladies you have meet.

    I have been on this site for 3 years now and the advice and encouragement has been at times has kept my spirits up and helped to continue on.

    I'm sending you the best of wishes on your journey

    Lorraine xx

  • You are to be congratulated on your courage. Sounds like quite a journey. And yes most of us who contribute to this web site can identify with you. I find it helpful and rewarding to share my concerns each of us will cope with these issues in our own way. But try to keep positive and believe that you are loved......enjoy the spring and keep un the mediating.

    Sending you healing love

    Jean James


  • I wish you well and your attitude and philosophy inspires! My husband has his scan results in a week as he has incurable lung cancer but we are making every day positive and fighting with attitude and mind and 80 20 approach as well. He is going to take ill health retirement and I will take a year off unpaid to do as much as we can to enjoy and stimulate good health together. It's 7 months since the awful diagnosis and life for him at 50 and for my children in early 20s has turned but we are strong and life is embraced each day with zest. Our journeys are all different and I thank you for sharing yours. Take care Tracey x

  • Thank you Tracy, it's hard for your family and I think people forget how much this effects them. I'm in London today, I have an appointment at the Care Oncology Clinic- they provide complementary treatment working with my NHS Oncologist and have come highly recommended from people I trust. The hope is that what they prescribe will boost the effects of my palliative chemo and keep my tumours stable.

    Taking early retirement was the best decision I made. Although my husband still works we make sure we spend his days off together, exploring and having new experiences when my health and fitness allows.

    Take care

    Diane xxx

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