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Why has my wife been called in for a MRI and CT Scan after polyp removal

Hello my wife under went a complex polypectomy (pre cancerous) in January this year with the clinical lead, in our local hospital. After very heavy sedation and a good few hours in recovery the consultant informed us all had gone well and that he had booked her into his clinic in 4 months for a follow up procedure. We went away happy that he had removed all of the polyo and any surrounding cells. 2 week ago my wife was phone by the hospital and asked if she could attend for an MRI the next day and book a blood test prior to a CT Scan the following week after the blood test results. We gave had no information from either the hospital or the doctors. Has any body has this happen to them? And what was the outcome if so. Having a quick look on line it would appear that they may niw be looking to see if cancer has spread. Considering she only went in for a pre cancerous removal this us now quite worrying. Any help or idears wouls be great. My wife is 51.

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I've got everything crossed it's nothing too serious x


Thank you for you kind thoughts


It maybe that they are being cautious and if they do find anything untowards they appear to be looking after your wife I hope all goes well for you both. Sending healing thoughts. Do keep in touch

Good luck

Jean James



Thank you and i will.


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