here i go again, 5 years after my last episode. its back

i have just been diagnosed with a bone cancer in my 2 MT. just my luck i fell over a paving slab. and fractured my toe thought nothing of it for 2 months. then realising the pain was still bad. went to my gp. he sent me for a x ray. went to fracture clinic to find the toe wasnt the only problem. it turned out to be bone cancer. after 6 years they reckon it was the kidney cancer that had caused it. so much for luck.....

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  • So sorry to read of your news, sending love and hugs your way, stay strong xxxx

  • thanks for the thought. xx

  • You have fought it before and you can do it again.... luck is not the issue it's a positive mental attitude that will get you through this xx

  • thanks AdrienneMe. for the thoughts long way to go yet..

  • So sorry to hear of your news. But do not are strong.

    Sending you love and spring sunshine.



  • thanks jeanjames. for the thoughts long road to go tho,

  • That's really sad news . Hope your ok and being looked after xx

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