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My mum has bowel cancer

Hi, my mum, who is 84ys has bowel cancer, a small tumer 3.7cm in the lining of the bowel. We, she has a massive dilemma, surgery with all the risks that entails, she keeps good general health, or leave it as she is not unwell. On listening to the consultant I thought the best option was to leave it - but my mum is struggling with this and is thinking surgery would be best. There's pro and cons for both - just so so confused as what to do !!!!

I'd love to hear if you e been in a similar position, or what do you think ?

Decisions, decisions.........................😢

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I can only say that from my experience of 2 ops for bowel

Cancer , that the op is quite hard to recover from. I am in my 60s.

I would suggest leaving well alone and monitoring the tumour.

Wishing you all luck


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Hey I'm very sorry to hear about your mum, in my opinion I wouldn't consider surgery as it's so hard afterwards, my circumstances were different as I only went into have a cyst removed, but they found I had cancer of the bowel, stomach and lungs. since the op, I suffer with trapped wind which is very painful and uncomfortable, doc says to keep my bowels opened everyday, but that's not always possible. I believe, in life, you will only take the right road, I'm crossing my fingers and toes for your mum and wish her all the best, ps has chemotherapy even been mentioned? X

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Some Gp's like to monitor some prefer surgery my tumour was 2cm but they found 2cancerous lymph nodes in the small bowel so for me just as well had surgery done I'm 55 sorry to hear about your mum sure you will make the right decision best wishes 😘


Thank you for sharing your story and for your kind wishes. I hope you keep good health

God bless x


how are you all doing at the moment? difficult time I know x


Gosh......what dilemma. I had most of my colon removed 3 years ago I was 77 - it took time for me to recover. I'm fine now although having to deal a short colon and all that that means. Would I have the operation now I'm nearly eighty. Not sure......if the quality of your Mums life is okay now - does she want to take the chance! Perhaps it maybe best left to her she sounds like a strong biddy.

Good luck and do keep in touch

sending you both love



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Thank you Jean

I'll let you know how things go. ThNk you for sharing your own story

God bless

Audrey x


Hi , it's not a nice feeling to be unsure , I was the same with my mum . But now I'm glad we went ahead with the operation even though it's been tough on my mum . But speak to the doctors again if your unsure . I wish you and your mum lots of luck xxx

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