In October I got diagnosed with lung cancer not sure what kind or how far,was to scared to ask, can't operating on.I'm 51 years old

I'm on my 4 round of chemo after my second one I, had a scan, my doc was happy with it shrank, he said after my 4 th a other scan and that's my last one so I have to wait for 2weeks for the scan, but yesterday cam my next chemo appointment, I'm so confused and scared. And after every chemotherapy I feel the site effect getting worse

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  • Hi Anjaschott, I also have stage 4 NSCLC. I am 61 years old and otherwise in good health. My examination of the prognosis stats shows that a non smoker, in otherwise good health is quite capable of living with lung cancer for many years. I strongly believe in a positive mental attitude. Find out more from your oncologist or Macmillan nurse about your condition.

  • Have you thought about taking cannabis oil?

  • Hi Lily57, yes I take cannabis oil sins I got diagnosed and it definitely helped me. After one week of taken it my Pain was gone. And my scan after my Chemotherapy shows it shrank so I'm definitely keep taking it.

  • Hi I am really pleased for you and I hope you continue to improve. My father has lung cancer and I was wondering how and how often do you take this oil? I am looking for ways to help him as they have only given him a few months.

  • I'm so sorry to hear, I take CBD oil 4drops 3times a day.A friend of mine got diagnosed with lung cancer over a year ago and doctors said he only has 6 month left,he is doing well now. So there is always hope, stay strong and all the best to your dad.

  • Hi i would like to get cannabis oil. Where do i get it. Dont want any fake stuff and been told to be careful of websites. Thanks

  • I would like to ask the same question where and how thanks

  • Do you put the drops in your mouth under the tongue

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