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Capecitabine chemo drug

Hi everyone, just wanted to share my expierence with chemo drug Capecitabine. I'm on my 8th dose, so far no nasty side effects, I have been a survivor of breast cancer for 30 years, it's returned 5 times during that period. I first contacted Penny Brohn when it was The Bristol Cancet help centre in Clifton, Bristol UK - so glad I did, with their help and advice over the years - well, I'm still here and doing so well, I hope to return to work very soon. Cancer has matastasized to lungs, brain and bones, looking at me you would never guess, I've been blessed, Penny Brohn has been my lifeline! Elizabeth Thompson - Homeopath, has also been totally amazing with her help, advise and treatments. My son, John Hayes is running the London Marathon 23/4/17 to raise £4000 for Penny Brohn, sponsorship is on virginmoneygiving.com - all contributions thankfully received. I wish you all well, you're in safe hands with Penny Brohn!

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Wow, you sound like one amazing lady, long may it continue for you, best wishes to your son when he runs the marathon x

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Wish you all the best of luck , your a strong lady . Giving me faith . Thank you



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