Possible Diagnosis of Daughter 22 with bowel cancer

Good evening , help ! Tomorrow my twenty two year old daughter Mother to two boys aged one and two , will probably be diagnosed with bowel cancer , scans yesterday for probable ovarian cyst or appendicitis , emergency appointment with GP referred for next Tues then changed tomorrow 8am , in last three months she's lost husbands grandad in Sept, then my father in law diagnosed and passed away with cancer of the oesophagus within six weeks , and my husband had a major operation , so this is unbelievable !

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  • Since I've been diagnosed with myeloma cancer of the bone marrow... I have changed my diet completely.... I have also been following this man who has overcome cancer......www.phkillscancer.com

    I now eat like a vegan

    I've also been taking wheatgrass.....

    Also lots of natural juice from carrots, cucumbers, ginger, celery, beetroot and apple.

    Get yourself a good juicer and juice the above all must be organic.

    Don't panic just pray, change your diet and stop cancer in its tracks..xxx Good luck!

  • All I can do us send warm wishes to your daughter and the family for the weeks ahead, stay strong she will beat this xxxx

  • It can seem at times that the stuff that life hurls at us is as you say unbelievable. But you know I am always amazed at how we all manage to cope. and you will also. Your daughter has the love of you and her boys to hold her. I was diagnosed with bowel cancer three ago had most of my colon removed - but hey here I am. Still enjoying life with all it's positives and negatives. Sending you hope and love. It will be okay!




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