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Healthy high calorie and protein meals


My mum is in hospital at the moment, has been ill for months, struggling to eat hospital food which is totally different to her normal healthy diet. We take in something for her supper but she is also being given special high calorie pots which she hates as they are too sweet and sickly. Any ideas for small easy to eat things that contain about 400 calories but are healthy and nutritious. She is reluctant to eat nuts, seeds as has diverticular disease prior to Stoma. Food we take has to be cold.

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Egg mayonnaise sandwich, chicken salad, soup in a flask, tinned sardines with a salad........

Thank you for your suggestions Emonty, will try them .

I've just seen this and hope your mum is out of hospital by now. If so please ignore but if not I would suggest asking to see the dietitian with your mum if she would be happy with that. That way you can be the one who is a bit firmer knowing that she is struggling to eat the high calorie supplements. They are disgusting but they are packed with calories and there is usually a flavour range depending on brand. The ward may not necessarily order the full range but if there were some your mum might prefer they can get them in. There are also drink available if they would be more palatable and there are some savoury options.

In general, and I'm sorry if this advice is unwelcome as you didn't ask for it, if your mum is well enough to leave the ward for short times then her take out, anywhere, maybe to the canteen. She doesn't have to eat anything from there but you will be able to take any thing you like to the canteen and the change of environment and choice of food (take shopping bags full of stuff) might help her to eat. Saying that I've tried all of these things with people in the past and they don't always work. I hope I haven't offended and that your mum is ok.

Thank you for suggestions but going out is not an option at the moment, she's on tpn and we are just trying to tempt with anything and everything, some days with success. Speak to dietitians on regular basis but thank you.

I'm sorry I was so far off the mark. That's really hard for you I'm sure, and you are probably the expert on guessing what she might find tempting. Good luck.

Don't worry, things changing daily

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