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targeted cancer therapies v chemotherapy

my husband who has non-small lung cancer stage 4 has just been rung up by the cancer nurse to say that instead of chemo - he had the first session and due to have the next one in a weeks’ time now due to the genetic testing from the biopsy they want to give him this in a tablet form – we are due to see the oncologist on Thursday to say whether he wants this or continue with the chemo route- anyone have anything to advise me on this please? The first chemo went well with minimal side effects so far for my lovely young husband- any advice would be helpful? Thank you Tracey

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Having chemo in pill form is usually much more comfortable than by infusion because you just take it daily or however at home, with fewer side effects. But it may not be chemo but a biological or other form of therapy? - there are so many new drugs now. Genetic testing should result in much better targetted treatment. Best to hear their explanation of why they are suggesting a change before deciding, ask them lots of questions and for a second opinion if you aren't sure.


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