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I am probably older than most participants, being almost 72. I was diagnosed with breast cancer at my first mammogram in 1995. Had lumpectomy, radiotherapy, oral chemotherapy then 5 years Tamoxifen. 18 months ago (after 20 supposedly cancer-free years) was very poorly. Had pulmonary embolism and blocked bowel. Cause was secondary breast cancer in peritoneum. Had ileostomy. Have not heard of this happening to anyone else. Also multiple metastases in my bones. Had chemotherapy last year. Now on Anastrozole and denosumab injections, also Warfarin. My cancer is described as "stable" and I haven't any symptoms from my bones. So far my major organs are free. It is hard to believe that my life will be limited. The ileostomy is the worse thing and it does restrict me. Like everyone else I get frightened when I think of things but I suppose I am very lucky that I have lived so long after my first diagnosis. Has anyone else had the same sort of problems as me? Also, are there other members of a similar age?

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  • Hello Bertiedog and welcome. I'm not the same age or had anything like you but I do share similar fears and this forum is great for support or simply sounding off now and again.

    Sorry to hear that you have metastases and good luck with your treatment.

    Emonty x

  • Thank you for your kind thoughts and best wishes to you.

    Bertiedog x

  • I am 70 complete. Has lost my wife in 4th stage ovarian cancer, when diagnosed, in June 2015, after a fight for 18 months, thru treatments of naturopathy [5 months-40 % tumor reduced]-alopathy-7 months [Chemo and surgery-made the life horrible-sort of evry day running to hospital for admission for recovery-which never came.]- and then homeopathy-6 months [Gave reliefe from alopathic symptoms-and quality of life improved but since immune system was havoked with chemo and surgery- she did not stand chance at 4th stage.] I have been her care taker and had met 19 doctors in this field. To my knowledge, after passing thru all these steps, it looks that the body immunity has to be geared up to contain cancer cells. Every one has cancer cells but they are in active till immunity rules the body and takes care of cancer cell by destructing them. Cancer is result of enviorement toxin and life style and both of these are unavoidable seeing their magnoitude and reach. We can only try to save and enhanse our immunity, thru detoxification-food selection-homeopathy. All herbs come under ayurveda without saying. If you search in google, for cured/solved cases of cancer in homeopathy, you will get case studies and it may help you. Best wishes.

    Bipin Shah

  • Thank you for writing to me. I want to convey my sympathy to you for the loss of your wife. You have been through a very distressing time and must be quite drained yourself. I myself have been much luckier than your wife and live life day by day and try not to think of the future.

    Best wishes


  • Hi, I have not had breast cancer, I'm ovarian But have been battling this for nearly 6 years, and will be 73 in Nov if I make it , lol.

    Best wishes X

  • Lovely to hear from you. Having cancer can be quite lonely so it is good to hear from others with similar struggles. Keep on battling and try to enjoy your life.


  • Well...I am 78 ....79 this November!

    Please do not allow the number of years you have lived limit you. You sound a very brave woman who has had her share of ill health. but hey you are still around keep positive and do stay in touch...love and healing thoughts



  • It is lovely to hear from someone nearer my own age group. Although I have had all these problems, they all stemmed from the breast cancer reappearing. I was always fit and healthy before this and still can't believe I've got these things when I write it down! I do feel very well and don't let anything stop me leading a normal life, except for the ileostomy which really is a pain. It's just that it doesn't seem to be a common complication with breast cancer,nor is breast cancer something that usually leads to one so information about ileostomies don't include it. I still carry on as normal as I believe I've had secondaries in my bones for quite sometime before they were discovered, and I carried on as normal then! I am very lucky that I haven't had lots of ill effects from any of the treatments I have had. To everyone else with any type of cancer, I wish you all well and do keep positive.


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