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Give it up for Tubby


I am delighted to report that my tumour has shrunk significantly . I will write a blog on this soon & share it her., He is called Tubby the tumour & i think he was persuaded to lose some weight & girth by persuasion, not to say nagging on my part! I am very happy & am chuffed to have now outlived the prediction of a seven month sentence when I was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer; about two years ago.. Shiatsu has played a large part in the process & I also had a week of radiotherapy. Probably trusting my body to heal itself played a part. And as I met my Shiatsu practitioner at the Penny Bron centre I am thankful for Penny Bron & just thankful, period. Keep it up or down I tell Tubby & myself.

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I'm delighted for you that Tubby has lost some weight and you've lived beyond the 7 month prediction you were given, I hope it continues to go well for you x


Delighted that tubby the tuber has shrunk.....great that you are still with us.

Keep in touch sending you warm sunshine.





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