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Bowel cancer and it's treatments

Hello there all fellow sufferers. I have just been found to have a tumour in the bowel; no CT scan date as yet( could be 10 days or more ) .. am feeling a bit lost to be honest . Unfortunately I have knowledge of this cancer as my late husband had it. He'd left it too late ; hopefully mine has been found sooner .... I live in North Wales and thanks to their free Bowel Screening test I now can get treatment ; had I not done the tests every 2 years would not have known anything was wrong. And that's so frightening . Not sure if other parts of UK do this test .... shame if they don't.

Anyway just wanted to say hello and if anyone has any helpful suggestions please feel free to tell me ! Did wonder about changes to my diet ?...although I do eat a varied and mainly healthy diet .. are there veggies / meats best left to special occasions?

Looking forward to hearing from you

Skary (Nikki )

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Hello Nikki

Lets hope that your condition has been caught early. I was diagnosed with bowel cancer 2 years over now. They found 2 small tumours either side if my bowel - so they had to remove large part of it. Leaving me with about 12 inches. But Happy to say I needed no chemo and so far I'm clear. I'n not supposed to eat to much fibre but I do and sometimes suffer the consequences. As you say though scary stuff.

I was advised by friends etc. to take turmeric. But perhaps you might want to wait and see and seek advice after they operate. Try to keep positive and I found before going into hospital I meditated trying to keep my self grounded and calm.

Do keep in touch.....i look forward to hearing from you.

I live in Wales ...Ferryside near Carmarthen

Thinking of you




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Hi Jean,

thanks for replying. I hope that it has been caught early enough... having to wait for scan is hard on the nerves. Not sure what will happen - dread the thought of a stoma but that's better than some of the alternatives ! Am happy to keep in touch ; helps to chat with people who have stood where I am now. Glad to hear you're ok now.... a lovely light at the end of a tunnel .

Have known about turmeric being good for this so:P am going to take it....curry time :P

Am tired tonight have travelled to Liverpool today and am heading for bed.

take care & chat again soon


Nik xx

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Hi there,

Having had two tumours of the bowel removed the last one left me with a stoma. Dont worry. The nurses are fantastic and after it has all healed it is so easy. Just takes a few minutes twice a day and you can do anything with no discomfort. Take heart and good luck.


Dear Nikki

Please begin drinking and living mainly on Organic Wheat Grass Powder?

It is killing a twenty year old cancer (secondary Breast Cancer) in my blood!




Hi there, Nikki

I certainly hope your situation has improved much and that you have been cured completely!!!

I am 50 years old and scared too right now, I've been having this condition of blood and mucus in stool for quite some time,in fact for more than 2 years. Although it has been a on and off situation. I would get it for 1 day without any pain, then only feeling weak and dizzy while it occurred, then when no blood it was fine and i was not worried at all. It carried on like this for all this time, however it started occurring from 2 two to 3 days. Dark blood clots and dark runny blood as well, still with no pain, but weakness and feeling dizzy, when it occurs. Stools not hard,but normal to very soft and loose. So according to my age it should not be cancer, isn't it?

Please let me know how you are nowadays?

Thinking of you!


Fayruza in Mauritius


Hi Fayruza,

I am 50 years old too, i would love to get tested for bowel cancer. My previous Doctor told me i was too young, your not tested till your 60 here in the UK. You say you have had these symptoms for a couple of years, which is why i think you need to see your Doctor as soon as possible. My Mum had these symptoms, and so told me what to look out for. Sadly my Mum died of bowel cancer in 2002, when Doctors didn't know as much as they do now. My Mum was only 55 years old, so too young for the regular tests that could have saved her life. Please make an appointment with your Doctor, and get tested. I wish you well Fayruza xx

Susan xx


how are you doing now Nikki???


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