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Secondary Breast Cancer in the Lungs

Hi Everyone, I've just been diagnosed (5th time in 27 years - so pretty good going); I've been told I need to start on Capecitabine chemo tablets. Is there anyone can comment on this drug - side effects etc? I shall be taking myself back to the Penny Brohn Cancer Centre, to get all the help and advise that they give so well. The totally amazing co founder - Pat Pilkington's (RIP) book 'The Golden Thread' has just been released, worth treating yourself to a copy - inspirational!!

Wishing you all deep, refreshing and healing sleep. Life is good - enjoy!

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good luck with your treatment I have had no experience with chemo tablets. But your positive outlook will hold you in good stead. It's good that you are using the Penny Brohn Centre for guidance. Take care of yourself and please keep us in touch with your progress





Many thanks Jean, earliest appointment I can get to see the nutritionist is 9/6.I'm pretty much following the guidelines given me before.

Kind regards

Mary xx


Dear Rosebud51,

It seems you've already booked for some nutritional support from us, but it may be worth booking in for a chat with one of our doctors too. Please call 01275 370 111 if you'd like to; they may be able to answer your questions regarding the tablets.

best wishes



Many thanks, have now booked appointment.

Kind Regards



Thank you for sharing. great information with us. god bless u


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