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I am a supporter for my sister and a best friend. Taking my sister to Ireland soon on her dream holiday. Even a charity that helps terminally ill adults cannot get car hire companies to communicate. Frustrating. We have money and a debit card and need to hire a car. My brother is the only driver. Don't they care? I went to the day course and was impressed by the courage of the patients. One even thought the supporters had it worse - I have not seen it like this at all.

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  • Hello,

    Welcome to the Penny Brohn Online Community. I presume you mean that you came on a day course at Penny Brohn and if so I'm glad that it was a positive experience to you. We recognise that cancer can have a massive impact on the closest to the person with the diagnosis and that's why we think it is so important that all of our services are open to supporters.

    Hearing from you that even going through a charity that helps terminally ill adults they cannot sort out the car hire companies and it's understandable that this is frustrating when you're trying to organise a dream holiday for your sister. I'm not sure from your message whether you are looking for ideas or suggestions from other people. If so, it might be helpful to know a little more about what the issue is. Or it's also fine if you just want to vent a little.

    And just to say that, as the one day course seemed helpful to you, you're welcome to come back again and perhaps do the 2 day residential or access further group or one-to-one support, including doctor and nutrition phone consultations if traveling here is an issue. Please feel free to contact the helpline on 0845 123 2310 or for more information.

    Take good care

    Penny Brohn Helpline

  • None of us have a credit card only a debit card. There are meant to be some outlets in this sort of situation but nobody gets back to you. I am open to any suggestions although I have tried many. It must happen for my sister.

  • I'm not sure that we can help with this query. Perhaps trying places like Trip Advisor for people who have travelled recently might be helpful. I hope you manage to find some useful information and enjoy your trip. Take good care,

    Penny Brohn Helpline

  • How about trying the Irish Cancer Society to see what advice they have? tel: 01-2310500, e-mail: website:

    it's a great thing you are doing, stay strong.

  • Thank you for that. I have now got a car - what a relief that is. Where all the money is going to come from I don't know - but it must happen whatever I do. As if things are not bad enough - my eldest brother is in hospital with various problems - 5 years ago he lost a leg through diabetes.

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