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Update on my little mate tumour

I am still feeling exceedingly healthy & returned to Yoga for the first time in twenty years - at least. I surprised myself by the amount of poses I could do & the meditation was excellent. I have had no conventional treatment but have Shiatsu, Cranio Sacral massage & homoeopathy. Also Qi Gong which I have been doing for years. I have also changed my diet & attempt to eliminate sugar completely ( my particular bugbear) Stopped smoking & drinking ( except at parties ) So since the advent of the Big C into my life I am very happy & talk fondly to my tumour & explain the virtues of shrinkage. I don't see cancer as my enemy but as a new & interesting facet of my body which has caused me to improve my entire life. I expect it to remain in remission as it has since July when the first oncologist gave me 7 months to live. The Penny Brohn stay was a very interesting & I met my Shiatsu therapist there.My partner & myself talked more about our lives & the entire visit was excellent. I loved the attention to detail in the entire building & the little things like one's name on the water bottle- marvellous. Thanks!

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Wow, such an inspiring post - thank you. I can complete relate to your feelings and feel very similar. I feel my reoccurrence of breast cancer (after 16 years) has given me another chance to make better choices in my life and I am very committed to 'me' now. It is taking me a LONG time to get my diet sorted but I am getting there. I have given up all dairy products and have just started the journey of giving up sugar.

A great post - thank you.


Thank YOU I had begun to wonder if I am weird( I am) but since my diagnosis I have changed my diet radically

& taken up exercise in a big ( for me)way. All except one in the Penny Brohn group were intent on conventional

treatment & the battle with cancer. Too stressful by half!

Go well on the journey without sugar - I LONG for a Pavlova but hope to resist _ I ate rather a lot of sugar at Christmas & envisaged my tumour gleefully rubbing its hands giggling!


We are very glad that you have got on so well and that you found your stay at Penny Brohn interesting and liked the attention to detail provided here. Please feel free to contact the Helpline if you would like any help or want to attend another course.


This is fantastic. I too am untreated conventionally and coming up to 3 years this year. I would be interested to know what homeopathic treatments were/are prescribed for you and for what reasons. Of course, I appreciate it is designed for the person and might not be suitable for everyone but I have a curiosity as I have been prescribed some homeopathic treatments but so far am only taking the Iscador injections.

I wholeheartedly concur with your message and have followed a similar path.


Excellent I will ask my homoeopath as I can't remember the names. I also have Shiatsu & a variety of other similar treatments & do qi Jong & Yoga so I am getting my body fit - so cancer has had a profound effect on my life & have changed my diet a lot but find it terribly difficult to give up sugar! Had no idea what a sweet tooth I had..


What are Iscador injections? I think that a sense of humour about the whole cancer thing is probably the most useful way of dealing with it! Cheers Mo

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Iscador is Mistletoe Therapy. You can take it by injections or by drops on the tongue. I thought injections would be more effective. I agree about the sense of humour. I also try to avoid sugar but it is hidden a lot. I like bitter and sour more. I take lemon juice in my tea each day and mix a drink up of wheatgrass powder, Neem powder, turmeric, black pepper, cinnomon and olive oil. I exercise 3x per week too and attend a fortnightly sitting meditation group. Stress and anxiety (but not about the cancer) is the thing I've not quite got a hold of yet. It does seem to seek me out, but I'm much better at minimising it and doing what I want. Good luck. xx

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I am now taking Nux Vom which is similar in effect to Lycapodium & Carci something I can't read her writing. my homoeopath is very thorough & yesterday I talked to a woman who is a nutritionist & she lives 3 doors down from me so I shall be picking her brain..best wishes for maximum healing

cheers Mo


I believe Lycapodium was the main remedy - incidentally

I had nightmarish dreams while taking it but I feel they were necessary though I have no idea why. I went to the Oncologist yesterday & my tumour has remained the same size exactly! Good news but now I must persuade

it to heal itself & become healthy tissue once more. When I consider that when I was first diagnosed in July with cancer in lung & pelvis the first doctor gave me 7 months to live if I had no treatment. Doctor doesn't always know best eh?

cheers Mo F

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Dear Floozie Foster - amazing name -

Lovely to hear about your approach to cancer. I totally agree with your method. I wonder sometimes does the understandable worry, anxiety do perhaps more harm than the cancer itself. When I hear talk a bout 'the battle /fight against cancer I immediately sense my own body tensing feeling stressful. Surely can't help.

but there again I realise we all cope with the knowledge we have cancer differently.

I find reading of your own experience very uplifting.

Bless you sending you healing thoughts



I have had Breast Cancer twice once in 2011 and then again in Dec 2013....I have had surgery both times but no conventional treatment. When I stayed at Penny Brohn I also thought I must be the

weird one as everyone was having the conventional treatment. I changed my diet and stopped eating or drinking any dairy food.....I also exercise for half an hour a day. I juice every other day.

In January had mammogram and it said.....can find no trace of cancer.....so I am hoping it stays that way......it has been a very scary journey, but I am feeling so much better and am so glad I had the strength to choose this way. I know it is right for me. I juice broccoli and turmeric and make sure I only have fruit sugars, this has worked for me. I also take ground flax seeds every day. My oncologist told me I only got Cancer a second time because they did not take it all away the first time. How comforting was that. I hope you continue to listen to your inner self and well done!!! With every hope for a good outcome for you.

Best Wishes



Thanks for the response & I am sure there are many other people

who decide to take action for themselves.I think that doctors are

usually pretty busy & take the most obvious route & of course there is a lot of money involved in the pharmaceutical industry in their cancer drugs. I am sure that most doctors really believe that their way is the only way, my own doctor pleaded with me to have chemo with tears in her eyes( expect she had an eye infection!) I think we all must do what we believe is right for us.I was advised on this site to read Radical Remissions by Kelly A Turner. this book is a revelation - there are a great number of we alternativists out there! Cheers Mo

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All these posts are very empowering. I have had conventional treatment for the past 5 and half years, latterly a stem cell transplant and I believe all these are the reason I'm still alive. But also along the way I've changed my diet, take regular exercise, have discovered massage and other therapies, help start a cancer support group, continued to meditate, ditched activities I find stressful, tried lots of new things - all of this has helped to make me to LIVE WELL rather than just be alive. I don't accept the battle imagery for myself, though understand others may find it helpful. I live with my lymphoma (as the poem below indicates) and give thanks for the many blessings cancer has brought into my life, not least the amazing people I've met along the journey and places like Penny Brohn.

The stranger

I didn’t invite you in

but you came anyway

invading my spaces

You made yourself at home

spreading your possessions

in my fragile frame

Persistent repair work

drove you away

for a while

Too soon you were back

searching for nooks and crannies

to make your own

What’s so special about me

to make you stop and stay

hang up your hat?

We’ve learned to rub along

avoid eye contact

too much conversation

Love calls me to hospitality

to welcome the stranger

at my gate

even you


I do like this & have chosen to be welcoming to my stranger & to try to make it well or at least to accommodate so that we can live amicably together.


I am at the Penny Brohn Centre at the moment on the 'Approach' Course. What a coincidence and a real pleasure that I should just come across this thread!

I too am the only one on the course doing all natural treatments, though there is another person, who had just surgery but no chemo/radiotherapy, and most of the rest of the group are now open to natural treatments and are fascinated by what I have been doing, but they have already suffered the devastating effects of the harsh conventional treatments, and a few of them now regret having done so.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer 15 months ago, I have researched intensively and implemented lots of natural treatments, I even used a herbal salve to remove the breast tumours. I removed a large tumour, measuring 3cmx4cm, last summer, and in December I removed a further 3 smaller tumours. I have started doing a blog which includes more about my protocol, my progress, and some photos of the salve treatments. I am happy to share. If you would like to see go to anndevlin.wordpress.co.uk

I feel so grateful to be able to spend this time at the Penny Brohn Centre, it is truly a special place. Last night we were shown the DVD of Pat Pilkington , the co founder of the centre, talking openly to a group - I was truly moved. Today I have had a fabulous day with the 121 consultations.

I am quite active on Fb and if anyone is interested I would be happy to connect. I have set up a FB group called Cancer Mavericks which some may be interested in following.

I'd also like to suggest you check out a really supportive closed FB group called Cancerucan - it is a group that is growing rapidly, now approaching 300 people, all of whom are doing primarily natural treatments. The group was set up by a lovely lady called Fiona Shakeela Burns, she is a very experienced herbalist and has recovered from Stage 4 cancer twice! There are also a few cancer specialists, Chris Woollams of Canceractive and Patricia Peat of CancerOptions in the group, plus Prof Vogl in Frankfurt - they are often part of discussions, and it is great to have their input. Happy Healing :) Ann


Thanks I do a daily 'weather report' that sometimes includes my tumour progress, I am Flooziefoster on FB

I will investigate cancerucan & cancer mavericks thanks.

some of the women in the group were interested in complementary ideas when I was there. But why don't doctors tell us about unconventional methods? they seem so sure that chemo is the only way..

I will be glad to hear more from you!


Oh an another thing - re the discussion regarding sweet cravings - I used to struggle too, until I came across Ugg Foods - I can't recommend them enough. You can get ready made packs, all healthy ingredients, to make gorgeous muffins. They are sugar, free, dairy free, gluten free and guilt free. instead they include lots of healthy ingredients, eg almond flour, xylitol, chia seeds. Takes just a few minutes to make delicious muffins. I make a batch of 15-20 muffins every now and then then freeze them in bags of 3-4 per bag, and take out a bag every few days so I always have a healthy treat on hand - so I don't get tempted to snack on the unhealthy sugary snacks. Makes life much more tolerable :) see uggfoods.com


Thanks so much. I had no idea I had such a sweet tooth but use date syrup & molasses which give my apples a terrible colour but taste OK. I will try uggfoods.com !


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