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Supported holiday in sunny warm Spain?

I have lived in Spain for several years and after I was diagnosed with cancer Penny Brohn gave me vital support as I took an integrative approach to me treatment plan which was seen as insanity here!

I am moving house shortly and my new property lends itself to offering supported holidays to people who have finished treatment and just need some space, time and nature to relax and re-connect with yourself a little.

The property has stunning views of mountains and the sea and of course it is sunny and generally warm and mild (we do get the odd rainy or windy day!). So I thought I would sound you all out and see if this is something you think would be a good idea? In a nutshell this is my idea

There is a special cheaper than taxi transport service to a nearby town from both main airports serving this area and I could collect you from there.

Accommodation is a private en-suite room and then a separate living room as well as use of the terraces with their spectacular views.

It could be on a B&B basis, self catering (property has two floors so you could use one entire floor if self catering) or a mixture of the two.

There is a lovely bar/restaurant a short walk away.

A juicer will be on site also!

Sight-seeing trips and transport to local towns can be arranged if desired but you would e welcome to just chill out around the house and village if preferred.

There are Yoga, Pilates, keep fit, walking, Tai Chi, Zumba, Art and pottery classes all within very easy reach.

Really it is to provide whatever kind of break you need with you having the peace of mind of knowing that the owner understands your need for space and that your needs and wishes may change daily. I can also act as a translator should you need any kind of medical assistance or doctors appointments whilst staying (bring your EHIC).

Low cost flights serve the area - Easyjet, Ryanair, Jet2, Norwegian Air, Monarch

Please comment and give me feedback - is this something you would like to do? Is there anything you think I have not thought of?

Thank you

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This sounds a wonderful offer for people and I would be happy to publicise it via our local support group in West Dorset, The Living Tree. But as with all things, the costs would be key. I'm sure you know how expensive having cancer can be and a foreign holiday might be just too expensive for some people. Do let us know possible rental costs and keep me posted...


i care for my mum whos recently been told shes got bowel caner,and I think this is a fantastic idea, but agree that money is tight with cancer patients,but would really be intrested in seeing some prices


Sounds amazing, I wish you well.I have been fortunate enough to be able to use the fantastic facilities at the wonderful 'Penny Brohn Cancer Centre', what dedicated staff they have! They can boast at having so many, inspirational success stories. I would be most interested to hear more about prices etc, will look forward to hearing from you. Best wishes.


Wow!! Thank you for your positive comments.

The property is not ready to start with this yet but prices will be as reasonable as possible. You can get very cheap flights to this part of Spain and airport transfers are about 20 to 30 euros (depending on which airport you arrive at).

As soon as everything is ready I will post here, I was really asking if I had identified a demand and it seems I have! Exciting......

Naturally, as someone who has been there, I do realise that often cancer brings financial challenges and my prices will very much respect that.

Its cool wind today but bright blue sky and sun, we get sun almost every day......

Watch this space!!


Good morning everyone....just updating you that my project is moving forward, ........I will be offering a couple of taster visits at a great discount........but would appreciate knowing if people prefer the idea of self catering or of B&B? Or would this vary?


Maria - I have sent you an email via the contact form on your website.....


This sounds an excellent idea. I will be interested in hearing more about this venture.


This sounds like a dream - I can't think of anything better than having a lovely restful break after several years of illness and struggling,with no end in sight, and what could be better for one's sense of wellbeing and happiness than that sunshine. I wish you success & would definitely consider staying. I shall use that picture for my next visualisation!


Well I finally have an update!!! I am ready to accept visitors from May!

Having had more creative thoughts I can actually offer three options now:

Staying with me (private en-suite room), stunning views to mountains and the sea in a supported environment here with access to all the activities I mentioned before on a B&B basis OR on a self catering basis ,with access to all the optional extra activities in local environment. For options 1 and 2 I have decided it is very difficult to set a fixed rate to cover costs as it depends on whether its a single person or a couple, whether they want breakfast or to self cater, etc etc.......but as a rough guide it will be 45 euros per person per night or 60 euros for a couple, cheaper weekly rate. But please contact me by private message for exact costs. Additional activities will simply be whatever they cost paid direct to the provider and I would simply ask for my fuel costs to be covered if I was acting as driver there and back. Same if they wanted a day out at the beach together.

OR to rent an entire villa within walking distance of the beach (600 metres) in a quiet location. This will be advertised on villa rental sites at normal prices but I will offer good discounts for people wanting their first holiday post cancer treatment who book direct with me. No I am not wealthy! We have a huge mortgage on the villa we lived in together as a couple and have decided to rent it out to try and make it self financing whilst we live in cheaper accommodation.

The villa is located 40 minutes away from where i am living so I can still offer a translation service should anyone need medical attention so there would still be support available but obviously this option would be much more of an indepèndent holiday where a hire car is strongly advised.

I am a fully qualified psychotherapist so for couples who may have been struggling to communicate I can offer one or two counselling sessions to help you start communicating more effectively as i know that the impact of cancer often creates a lot of miscommunications and lonely gaps between people.

This is very brief, but I am really wanted to provide something individual so let me know what you want and I will see what i can do to accommodate you (in the wider sense of the word!)

Option 1 and 2 is not suitable for people who are allergic to dogs or cats as I have both.

I am more than happy to help or advise on transport, getting here etc etc but A CONDITION OF BOOKING FOR ALL OPTIONS IS A CURRENT (please do check the expiry date) EHIC CARD for your own protection.


Me again - no one has contacted me so I am assuming its a price issue? I really want to do this to offer something supportive and helpful so please let me know what you think would be a realistic is beautiful here now.........

If you want to rent the villa that was my home (and we cannot sell due to poor market here) very close to the beach I can guarantee you 100 euros OFF the normal price which is already well below market me via pm if you want to see the property..........I will be available to translate in unlikely event you need medical care.


Sounds good


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