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The Art of Living with Cancer is a personal blog where visual artist Molly van der Weij shares her artwork and writings about her experiences of having and living with cancer. Through her art she makes sense and learns from the transformations and insights that unfold from observing her experiences. She aims at reaching out to those who might be going through similar events in their lives and to people who are open to find a new way of understanding of what it means to deal with cancer and its treatment. The blog is an open invitation for dialog and mutual learning. All comments are welcome.

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Thank you for sharing this with us. I'm not sure if you are Molly or if you are sharing her work but I was moved by these kind and thoughtful words about Penny Brohn Cancer Care and the course that was attended here. It seems like this has really captured our ethos and what we do here so well and I hope that it may inspire others to both engage in our work and explore creativity as way of expressing and understanding their experience of living with cancer. For those of you local to Bristol you may be interested in our new Creative Community group here and you can contact the Helpline for more information on 0845 123 2310 or


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