Coping with pancreatic cancer

There is such a lot of negative publicity about pancreatic cancer. Just wanted anyone out there who has been diagnosed with this cancer in time to have surgery of my experience. People call the op the dreaded Whipple Procedure and there can be many difficult side effects afterwards. However, i found the whole procedure quite manageable and within six weeks of surgery was swimming in the sea at Mudeford. I have had six cycles of chemo and, apart from feeling very sick a few days each week, managed to keep my life going with outings and trips away. Now over three months since I finished chemo and feel as though last year never really happened as life is back to normal. Do have the worry of the three monthly blood test but learning to cope with that. So if you're facing this treatment, do know there is light on the other side!

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  • Good to hear a more positive side to Pancreatic Cancer. So much needs to be done to help with early detection, but I wonder how often they actually listen to the patients about any symptoms they may have noticed before diagnosis which aren't on the 'official list'. I strongly feel the medical profession should be taking more notice of any symptoms that patients may recognise, especially with a hard-to-dx cancer like Pancreatic.

    Vicki xxx

  • Hello Vicki, that is so true. I have two friends at the moment who were treated for an ulcer and a chest infection before someone realised they had inoperable pancreatic cancer. I had had no particular symptoms until I started itching head to toe, saw my GP on the Monday and within four days has my diagnosis and was having surgery just 18 days later. I still can't believe how brilliant my GP was to immediately realise something was very wrong as I felt perfectly fine otherwise. I realise I was one of the fortunate few!


  • Good hear such great news Tobemory! A friend of mine (60) was feeling ill for a long time and eventually was not able to eat food without feeling ill, a medium told her her digestive system had shut down. After a month of feeling ill she was getting tests which were alarming, and a month later she was dead. I still find it hard to believe

  • So pleased that your journey into cancer is reaching a positive conclusion. And that you are willing to share your experience with other. I'm sure we gain comfort and support from sac other when we go through scary times.Good luck for the future and than you for your positive attitude.

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