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Something to get excited about………

Recently, I was gently encouraged with respect to my journey out of cancer from two very separate sources.

My NHS Oncologyst suggested that I must have something ‘to get excited’ about to help overcome this ‘cancer diagnosis that did not suit me’, When I explained that I sing with a Concert Choir, she said I must pay careful attention to that single activity to help me move forward.

Interestingly enough, I was also given the following encouraging ‘message’ at the end of the Penny Brohn Cancer Care “Approach Course” I attended last March. 'Remember the Music of your Being, Let the Universe hear your song'.

It seems that singing is just a smidgen more important to me lifting from this journey than I first realised!

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It sounds like you have found your voice and that you can sing your song, bravo!


Hello mountainman, that is so lovely to hear. Here at Penny Brohn we have just started our own community choir for people with cancer and their friends. It is going extremely well and people are really enjoying it, we already have 60 people signed up!

We are really excited about it here, so thought I'd share our collective love of singing with you.

best wishes

Sophie Bayley


Hello Sophieb. Your choir sounds a totally superb idea but it does occur to me that folks with can only really partake for a short time as they pass through? even so, one singing session is worth such a lot. Keep going and keep singing!


Hello Mountain Man

It was also suggested to me at Penny Brohn that I get on with singing in my life, it is good to do the singing and breathing exercises, it brings oxygen into the body and cancer cannot live in an oxygenated environment, I have a class now that I go to ....and I love it and am singing solos, something I had not done since being at school. I can honestly say that I love it......I hope you do it and love it too!!! I hope it leads to your recovery.....all best wishes Sue


Isn't it really great that such a simple activity can have such a huge effect! Thank you for your good wishes and may I return them to you. kind regards.


Hello mountain man

you have prompted me to re-join Tenous choir....singing as you have experienced is so uplifting and healing.

Carry on singing.


It's all right when it's in English but I didn't do 'Roman' at school! Hey, all good fun'


One of the therapists who spoke to our support group talked about the importance of doing "what makes your soul sing". We are encouraging people to do this, whether it's dancing, singing, swimming, making music, art, writing, walking. Put it at the top of your agenda each day! Walking, mainly on the cliffs by the sea, makes my soul sing - and sometimes writing poetry if it hasn't been too much of a hard slog....

Small steps

I walked five miles

today (or was it six?)

forcing knees

stiff from sitting

(and old age?)

up cliff paths

muscles lazy from

drugs and drowsiness

down rocky routes

but oh the joy of it

sheer sense of


of these small steps

to freedom

at last to venture


the safe and easy


to soak in

the autumn sun

the salt tanged air

bathed in the sound

of sea and surf

on pebbles far from home

there will be a point

I know

beyond which I cannot


a step too far

but for now

five miles is enough

(or was it six?)

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I forgot to say that we have a small cancer choir here in West Dorset - Rising Voices West. We meet for an hour 3 times a month and people come and go as they can, no pressure on anyone. We sing simple rounds and popular songs and sometimes get asked to perform, our choir leader is great fun and very understanding. More info on Living Tree website:


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