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looking for on line community support


I wish to say how sorry I was to hear about the passsing of Patricia Pilkinton.I never met her but because of her energy into the Penny Brogn Centre I am now able to contact the group and seek advice and comfort.

I would like to communicate on line with people who have had bowel cancer and share their experinces with my own. I had my operation nearly four months now and most of the time I'm okay.

There are areas I would like to disuss with fellow sufferers.

Learning to live with changes to my body- how it affects my energy - my mental well-being.

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Dear JeanJames welcome to Community@PennyBrohn, thank you for joining we hope you enjoy being a member, and if you feel you would like to also sharing your own knowledge and experiences with others. Thank you very much for the kind comment on the passing of our Co-Founder Patricia Pilkington she will I am sure continue to inspire us in the future as she did throughout her life. With regard to communicating specifically with those who have bowel cancer you may wish to consider going onto They have an on-line forum and also on their home page you will see a link to facebook on their you will find regional forums, so you may even find a group in your area. .I am sorry that there was a delay in replying but we have been experiencing some technical difficulties which have now hopefully be resolved. Very best wishes


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