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Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)

Having heard lots of negative feedback regarding MLD, I was more than a little concerned when I developed Lymphodeema recently. I thought I had got off lightly post op/chemo and radio therapy. My consultant recommended a specialist in Portbury - Judith Fox. I have had 4 sessions so far, it seems to be really helping, the swelling has gone down considerably and the pain is far more manageable. I haven't experienced any of the negative side effects that people had warned me about i.e splitting headaches, nausea and vomiting. I can highly recommend Judith as a very gentle and caring expert in her field, she is fully qualified and operates within the private insurance guidelines.

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I have no knowledge concerning your condition, but I'm pleased for you that you seem to be getting the help you need. Good luck

I would like to contact anyone who has had a sub-colectomy (removal of most of the colon) operation in the past or recently. I fortunately has been diagnosed clear of any further cancer....I would like to compare symptoms and concerns


Many thanks, I wish you luck. I know of several people who have attended Penny Brohn Cancer Centre with a similar condition to you, they mentioned they were using Cur-cumin and seemed to be having success with it, would be worth seeing the nutritionist to check it out.


Thank you I will look into this


Is there a nutrition in the house? Does anyone know if cur-cumin in tumeric? And would it be okay for me to take?


Hi jeanjames,

Here at Penny Brohn Cancer Care we can support you on a 1:1 basis perhaps by speaking to one of our Nutritional Therapists here at the centre. If you would like to know more about accessing one of our Nutritional Therapists please give our Helpline a call and we will discuss this further with you, our helpline telephone number is 0845 123 23 10.


Hello Rosebud51 Manual Lymphatic Drainage is not offered at the Penny Brohn Centre but we do offer massage. If you would like to hear more about the services we offer please contact the Helpline on 0845 123 23 10. Best Wishes Helpline.


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