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Petechiae. Is it Leukaemia?

I have two purple pin prick spots of Petechiae on my chest. I have not been itching there, had any trauma to that area or had a cough/vomiting e.t.c. When I saw it I remembered that I had had two spots on another area of my chest before, about 3 weeks-a month ago. My spots are singular and are surronded by a rash of Petechiae spots.vI have no other Symptoms but am still in a total panic it is Leukaemia. I am a 20 Year Old Female. Did snyone with Leukaemia experience Petechiae as a first Symptom or not? Does it sound like mine?

Thank You .


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Hello lb76696 and welcome to community@pennybrohn. Penny Brohn Cancer Care is not a medical helpline. It sounds like you are very anxious, in which case it would be best to get this officially checked out with your GP. Penny Brohn Cancer Care is here to support anyone over 18 years of age with a cancer diagnosis.. If you would like to know more about the complementary whole-person approach we offer please telephone the helpline which is open 9.30am until 5.00pm weekdays and the phone number is 0845 123 23 10. Best wishes Helpline.


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