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Effortless Fundraising


Having attended many empowering courses and classes at the amazing Penny Brohn Cancer Centre, and met some wonderful people along the way, I feel I really want to give something back. The experience has changed my life, 9 years of 'cancer drug' induced insomnia gone! I am now a far calmer person, more able to deal with the stress of everyday living and live in the moment rather then dwell in the past/worry about the future.

By accident, I came across the Give As You Live site It is such a simple, easy way to raise money for your chosen charity. If you shop on line for anything from clothing, travel, hotel accommodation, flights, grocery shopping - the list is endless, I would advise you to check it out. I recently booked a 4 day hotel stay which raised £25 - great, all I had to do was log into site first. This is a great way to fundraise without having to climb a mountain or run a race. I emailed everyone of my contacts and asked them to do the same - snowball effect. My daughter and some of her friends now do their weekly Sainsbury's online shop, Penny Brohn gets 1-4% of the total bill.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I wish you every success with your cancer journey - at Penny Brohn you are in safe hands.


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Hi Rosebud51

Thank you for your message, I’m so pleased to hear that visiting our Centre has been such a benefit for you. It’s wonderful that you’d like to give something back and we are incredibly grateful for your support.

We are always looking for new ways for people to support us – especially those that can fit alongside everyday life such as the weekly supermarket shopping. Give As You Live in relatively new to us and we are yet to take full advantage of it so it’s something that we would like to explore and promote further. As you rightly pointed out, with the snowball effect it can be hugely supportive to our Centre.

Thank you once again for your message and your continued support. Please fell free to continue to spread the work of Give As You Live amongst your friends and family and we will continue to promote it our end too.

Best wishes

Penny Brohn Cancer Care


I have just come across this site after logging onto the Macmillan Nurses desperately looking for someone - some people to talk to. Lizbeth27


Hi Lizbeth27, yes it can be a frightening time and very isolating. If you are able to attend Penny Brohn you will be in good hands - it is a truly inspirational place - you are put at ease immediately you walk through the door, everyone is friendly. I thought it may well be a depressing place but it is any but, everything on offer there will support you, the staff are incredible. I wish you well.


Hi Lizbeth27,

Welcome to our online community. Do remember there is support for you out there, through us here at Penny Brohn Cancer Care and many other organisations.

If you'd like to talk things through, find out about our services or other organisations that can support you, please contact our helpline (weekdays 9.30 - 5pm) on 0845 123 2310. Our website has lots of information also

Very best wishes, Penny Brohn Cancer Care.


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