i have pain in right side of pelvic/ovary area and some times in my legs for over a year its becoming unbearable help :(

some times it feels like a dull ache/tingling and others its unbearable its worse when im due on my period i can hardly walk, i reported the pain a year a go to my gp she told me it was cysts on my ovarys not to worry the pain would be gone in four months, i returned 5months later she refered me for a scan that showed no cysts. i returned twice finally she refered me to the gynaecologist iv been wating 3 months to see him, im fed up of feeling fed up :( help im 23

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  • Being in Australia I'm not sure exactly how the NHS works in UK but can't believe how long people have to wait to see a Specialist when they are in severe pain! Could you not see a Gynae privately or go to the hospital? I guess the cost is prohibitive but I think I would pay whatever to get closer to resolution and pain relief!

  • I have been diagnosed with PID and had a short stay in hospital and a scan whilst I was there which, showed a grade 1 prolapse in my womb and bladder. It is the pain from the PID that is still unbearable and like yourself I get pain in my legs which, feels like I have dead legs, a really strange pain. Have been up and down to the GP and there is nothing they can do. Have been referred to a Gynae and waiting for the appointment feels like forever when you're in a lot of pain. It may be worth ringing the hospital each week to see if they have any cancellations which, may get you seen quicker.

  • i did go to the hospital they just gave me tramadol and sent me home to wait for my appointment wich thanfully is in 2 weeks now. its that bad today iv taken two tramadol, even tho iv taken it once before and passed out but i need to sleep so iv had to :( aww i hope you get somthing sorted soon. thank you's

  • Hi holly,

    I get a lot of right sided pelvic pain. In my last laparoscopy they found that I had a sticky ovary that sticks to other things and then if I move too quickly etc it tears itself away creating scar tissue (or at least that's my understanding of it).

    The gynea might offer you a laparoscopy to have a look inside and find out what's causing your pain. All my pain got loads worse at 23 just after having my son and it took the GP's 3 years to even refer me to a gynea. When you go to your appointment take a list of your symptoms and a pain diary if you have one as it helps the consultant to see if your pain is coinciding with your cycle.

    Good luck for two weeks time, let us know how it goes x

  • Hi holly

    im so pleased you asked this question as ive been going through the same as you, and i thought i was only one. im also 23, ive had the pain since feburary. I get the pain in the right side (ovary) and also in the left side but not as much, its exactly how you have explained it, dull ache, tingly also sometimes a stabbing pain. the top of my right leg goes numb when im in a lot of pain.

    was referred to gynacologist, was booked in for laparoscopy but had to cancel as found out i was pregnant, i miscarried a few weeks later. Now ive been waiting 7 weeks just for hospital appointment to see him again. hoping he will book me in for a laproscopy and find out whats wrong. like you i am getting so fed up and desperate because of the pain. i have co codamal and tramadol but they hardly touch the pain.

    good luck tho :) xxx hopefully we will both get fixed soon

  • Sounds like endometriosis

  • Well iv been to c the gyno well his registra and she sed my womb looks healthy, with my scan showing nothing its luks like there's no explination :( she sed endometriosis may be possbible but can only tell with operation and because when she examined me I wasn't in to much pain she ruled it out. So now I have to go back to doctors and c what else he can think of, and gyno r guna request he refferes me to fertility clinic as iv been trying for baby over a year... X

  • I had pain in right groin area and scan showed nothing, I was then sent for hip X ray and that was it. Had hip replacement and it all went away. I was convinced it was gynae issue but I was wrong.

  • Hi, Just wondering how old you were when you were given a hip replacement? I have been suffering from chronic pain for the last 18months and my gynaecologist has found nothing. I insisted upon a hip x-ray a year ago as my hip and knee kept clicking. It showed narrowing in the space of the joint, which led to an MRI and Orthopaedic consultant diagnosed me with arthritis in the joint. He said that this may be responsible for some of my pain but not all. He also mentioned that he could not do anything to help the arthritis and would definitely not consider surgery as I am only 32. I am taking a mixture of medication to manage the pain so that I can still work, but some days it is unbearable.

  • Hi, it really does sound like endometriosis, especially if you are having trouble conceiving. I would call The consultants secretary and explain that you are still in pain and ask for another appointment. I would then push for a laparoscopy, if it is endo then at least you know, if it's not them it is ruled out. if you explain to your GP as well they should be able to back you up if needed. I had exactly the same story as you and even had 2 laps where they said I didn't have endo. I pushed for third lap and finally it was found. From my experience registrars know nothing!

  • Sorry my first time using healthunlocked and as this post is 2 yrs ago don't know if anyone will read but also having same pain and other symptoms. Oncology/gynae said could be endo but had to see general gynae for laparoscopy. Finally saw him and as I don't have pain everytime during intercourse or during examination he said couldn't be endo and that I'd been through enough with other health problems to put me through laparoscopy! Absolutly useless to me and still convinced I have endo but gynae sent me away and gp thinks my pain is related to ibs and doesn't take seriously at all. Think I will have to try a&e when most severe which is waste of emergency service but don't know how to get anyone to understand how bad pain is. How can I push for laparoscopy? I'm afraid to ask for second opinion.

  • Go to hospital everytime it gets to it's worst. That's what I did. I would get my GP to send me in so that I wouldn't be waiting in a&e. I would go in, ask for oromorph or morphine and have scans and tests. Then they ended up referring me to a gynaecologist out patients appointment. I attended this and kicked screamed and cried where he said he would put me on a waiting list for a laparascopy. If you think this is endo related you need to really really push the system. you don't take no for an answer and you make a fuss! Ask your GP to try out Zoladex injections on you, if the pain stops after the first couple of months of these injections it *should* stop the pain. Hope you get out of pain soon :(

  • Hi sorry I've not been on here for so long I never saw your post. Anyways changed gp and begged him to look over history and could have wept when he said yes that could be endo. At long last I'm booked in for laparoscopy next month. Pain much worse so just hope that not been made worse by waiting for someone to believe me! Thanks so much for your comment and kind words px

  • I had the same issue recently... My doctor said its spastic colon... But I don't understand how he could diagnose that when I've been spotting and having pain in my ovaries.... I see you post was a year ago, did you get any further medical assistance?

  • Sorry not been on for so long. See in my post above I am finally being taken seriously but was only by swapping gp and learning to stand up for myself as even my gp said I had been messed around and passed from one specialist to another. He actually apologized this went on for 9 years.  Thank you so much for your reply. Was so brainwashed by medics telling me it was in my head I felt like a fraud being on here complaining. How have you got on with diagnosis? Px

  • She sed it was because I didn't jump of the bed screaming when she examined me :s I'm totally fed up now make me feel like I'm making It up

  • hi there. ive noticed this same problem since new years eve 2012. i saw my doctor 2 weeks later and he took swobs and sent them off but put me on these strong antibiotics. they numbd the pain but after they ran out i noticed the pain seemed to have got so much worse and it now hurt to walk as well as strange pains in the leg on the same side. i went back to see the doctor today and he said when i previously went i had an infection so the antibiotics i had would have got rid of that, but because this isnt related to the infection i now need to go for an ultrasound to see what they can find. do you think this is the same as what your going through? if so do you now what it is yet? please let me know

  • Go to the health clinic and get tested for stds. Sounds like chlamydia.

  • Why does it sound like chlamydia Amy as in having the same pain and its horrible i have been in a relationship for 5years and i cant seem to get pregnant and wen i come on my period it smells rotton

  • U been having the same pain last year i had an ectopic pregnancy rupture that caused me to lose one if m falopian tubes but niw im havi g this dull sharp pain

  • Hi,

    I have this too. I have had it since December 13.

    I've seen the gynaecologist and had a laparoscopy.

    At first thought, doctors thought it was Endometriosis.

    During my lap it wasn't found so now I have been "diagnosed" (I use that word loosely) with "Chronic Pelvic Pain".

    I take the following pain killers:





    Mefenamic Acid

    Metrocloplomide (anti sickness)

    Not sure I've spelt all of the above correctly. I hope your pain is manageable for you.

    Has your GP given you anything?

    I find my pain worse around my period and ovulation as well as when I really need a wee.

    Although I don't have any advise or help I just didn't want you to feel alone.

  • I have had pain in my pelvic area (mainly right, but also left side) for 7 years now. They thought Endo or PCOS was the cause of my pain but after MRI's, laparoscopies and ultrasounds, they could not find anything 'medically' wrong with me.

    I have now been diagnosed with Chronic Pelvic Pain and was also on Gabapentin however now on Pregabalin. I also take Tramadol and was on the Mefenamic Acid but now get an injection every 3 months to stop me from ovulating. I am now going through medical menopause.

    The pain was manageable for 6 months, never went away, but I could go to work. The past 3 weeks have got a lot worse - Was unable to move my leg for 45 minutes, no matter how hard i tried and today, I crashed the car because of the stabbing pain catching me off guard (luckily no-one else was involved or in the car with me).

    I am at the end of my tether and don't know what to do now!!

  • I have a pain in my right ovary and it feels dull and also a stabbing horrible pain it comes wen i nearly coming on my period but its also started hurting when i am not due on and im also getting pain like im going to come on my period and when i do come on my period it only lasts for 3days and it smells rotton really bad. I am in a relationship have been for 5years and i cant seem to get pregnant. Can you help me please

  • Hi I have the same pain every month but I'd learn that when I have that pain I need to release so I ask my husband to make love slowly cuz some time our release ment it stuck . Men get to release out and us weman have to wash out try not to let ur partner release inside cuz it just makes it worst .or if u have a massager that u can feel ex

  • Hello! Reading these posts, I felt it necessary to respond. I am a 44 year old female that has been suffering for 2 years with the nice "groin, hip, leg and vaginal pain" on the right side. Period time would literally make me SCREAM from the pain. Sexual pain severe. My suggestion? GET an MRI!!! I finally fought long enough to get one. Guess what they found? 3 compressed discs in my back, bad appendix, bad gall bladder, and a HUGE fibroid tumor on my uterus. With that being said.......gall bladder and appendix came out. At the same time they did a hysterectomy. (took uterus and cervix) Recovery from that was one of the worst things in my LIFE!! Now, 8 months later, I still have the same pain...........yep its called PNE!!! Pudendal Nerve Entrapment. I've had 2 steroid injections. Made the shooting pain down my right leg some what better but started my LEFT leg doing it now. Thanks to our great country's new health care system, I lost my insurance and cant get anymore care for a YEAR!! (pre existing) I have been actually getting some myofascial massages on the R hip, and doing some acupuncture, and I swear I feel better than I have since all this started. Slow going, but some relief. Hopefully this helps. Oh and Primrose84 ....I cant have morphine. I have had almost all those other meds you listed. Not good on your liver. Im off of ALL of them now. Doing this as natural as I can so my body can try to heal itself!

  • I'm trying my best to get an MRI as that's my last option at the moment ! I don't think mine is bowel/hernia related so I'm trying to push for my GP to send me for an MRI to see if it's my back. definitely going to look up PNI, thanks for posting xx

  • Hello, sorry about all your pain. I'm 20 and in the same situation. have been for 2 years. like yourself nothing has ever showed on scans. I recently had a laparascopy which again showed nothing but this should definitely be ruled out in your case. Can I ask where in the UK you're from?

  • Hi chetchie,

    I am having the exact same problems, and nothing showed up on my ultrasound. I'm going to try push for a laparoscopy. Have you had any more info/discoveries about it? I'm 19, almost 20, so wondering if it's age related.


  • I had a laparascopy but it was clear and didn't know anything. So they told me that its not a gynae problem.. but that still doesn't tell me why i'm getting pain in my groin. I'm booked in for an MRI in three weeks on my pelvis. They think it may be a femoral hernia. But I'm not sure, just have to wait and see if they find anything. I will keep you updated !

  • Hi there Hollygarth80, I'm new to the forum I joined after googling something and saw your description of pain that I can relate to. I am now 50 ugh, but have since I was 19 suffered from gynocological pain on and off. It has been a long lonely journey and if I can share some of my wisdom to help you I hope I can make something of this useful. I have had ovarian cysts, endometriosis, adhesions blah blah blah I don't want to scare you, I hope you find an answer and resolve quickly. It isn't right that your Dr.'s are making you endure this for so long, and I've been in your shoes, your young and maybe not as assertive as you need to be. Find a doctor who doesn't disregard you just because of your innocence. The first time they talked to me about laporoscopy I wasn't ready for anyone poking holes in me it terrified me. Since then I've delivered two babies have had 3 laporoscopic surgeries and then a laporotomy for a hysterectomy. Each surgery brought relief, and being that I didn't tolerate birth control well or find any relief with such I am glad I did. Hopefully you'll be one one of the lucky ones and will find relief with simple methods. But enduring the pain you described for a year at your age, well that just isn't right. Also I' ve endured many of the awkward ultrasound exams and to be honest, they never seen what was discovered at laporoscopy. I just had an MRI that found bilateral ovarian cysts and the ultrasound before never showed them then the ultrasound after, the technician saw one on my right after I just suffered one rupturing on my left, but the report said no significant findings. So they don't feel that a small cyst is significant but from experience it's not the size that determines the level of pain it causes.I wish you the best and hope this is the only time you ever have to deal with this.

  • that's a long time. could you afford £200 to see someone privately while you are waiting?

  • Iv had bad pain on both sides where the ovaries are. I was told on ultrasound there was free fluid in my pelvis but no one ever told me why. I guess it could be due to a ruptured cyst or something. debating whether to see a gynaecologist. but I don't have periods as im on the mini pill. I suppose you still ovulate though!

  • Hi there Elz, sorry I am very new to this. But I am experienceing the same symtoms as you and had reading of Fluid in the right side of my Pelvis area. I am just wondering if you ever found out what yours was caused from? 

  • Hi there, in reading all of these posts I realize I have been experiencing the same symptoms. It all started a year ago, with stabbing pain in my lower right abdomen that shoots down the backs of my legs. It feels like a knitting needle being twisted around. I went to many doctors and had quite a few tests. One of the CT scans showed gallstones. The GYN decided to do a laparoscopy and figured that I may as well get my gallbladder out at the same time to avoid additional surgery in the future. During the procedure, they took the gallbladder first (you are tipped upright during the procedure). Then the GYN did the laparoscopy (you're tipped head down for this one) and was shocked to find my ovarian veins and ligaments to be black and engorged. Both surgeons looked at them and both said they had never seen such a thing. My GYN actually said that if I had not had my gallbladder removed, they never would have found the Pelvic Congestion Syndrome. During a laparoscopy, you're tipped head down which allows all of the blood to flow out of the pelvic region and release the pressure on the ovarian veins and ligaments. My GYN recommended for me to have a hysterectomy for treatment. I had a complete hysterectomy in February, and all the pain went away. Unfortunately, about a month ago, the pain started coming back with a vengeance. Still focused on the right side, but some pain on the left. If I sit upright too long, I get sharp stabbing pains down the back of my legs from the base of my buttocks to my knees. I know that I need to see an interventional radiologist to have an ovarian vein embolization~which from what I've read is exactly the treatment I need. Unfortunately, there aren't a lot of interventional radiologists around and insurance doesn't like to pay for the procedure. I'm incredibly frustrated and don't want to live on pain killers all the time. It's nice to be able to read that I'm not alone, but also frustrating that so many of us experience similar symptoms just to be continuously shut down.


  • I am suffering from the same symptoms also. Aching dull pain sometimes it's there constantly. It make me feel ill not knowing what it is I've had it on and off for couple of year but now it's back and looks like it's not going away. I'm really worried sick about it to be honest. What could this be? Plz help me 😞

  • They think I might have an endometriosis and I'm 16- nearly 17 and it's taken them atleast 7 months to finally realise I wasn't lieing, I have got to wai for my appointment for the next 2-3 months :(

  • Hello all. I'm in great abdominal and back pain and doctors at hospital and my gp don't seems to have a clue of the cause. I was admitted in hospital for a few days with possible appendicitis but after both internal and external scan came clear, they send me home with paracetamol and lactolose!😢 its been 12 day since I'm home but the pain is still sharp very painful in my right side down to my leg. any suggestions are welcome has ive keep google searching my symptoms and fearing the worst! Help pls!!!


  • I have been suffering with pelvic pain when to two different hospitals . The pain was unbearable, I wanted to just die , no one could help me. Pain rain down front of my leg in my lower back. But after they checked for kidney stones . hurneia. I finally got into my Dr. Who is 82 years old. New right away what it was . as I cryed, yelled out in pain. Begging for help he had it. It is called SYMPHYSIS PUBITIC. he put a needle right in my pelvic bone. Gave me a pain shot. I layer in his office 45 min. I can breath now pain gone. Talk to your Dr. About this.

    I hope this was of some help.

  • Hey ladies,

    Bit late to the topic I have the same thing currently in my bed hurting like mad trying to find out what's going on .

    I get right side pain just beside hipbone sometimes it goes down to inner thigh.

    I have had this for two years. Doc sent me for scan was normal bloods normal std test negative.

    So I forget about it until it happens.

    Today I have been researching possible causes and I found a potential its called sacroiliac joint dysfunction . might be worth a look on wiki there's some test to try to see if it's that.

    Might not be but thought I'd share its hope of being pain free I'm off to research some more ouch :( xx

  • I just discover this site, i had the same issue and went to see the team of osteo and physios from mummysphysio.com in London. they fixed me and it was amazing. I don't know if you have the same thing that i had but you can ask them if they can do something for you

  • am 21 years old. i started experiencing a pain in my vaginal bone under the stomach when i was 15. it continues and my period was abnormal, when am in period i would bleed too much that no pad ca take it and i would use pampers so that i do not skip school and even pampers would became full. my leg ache sometimes and if its too much i vomit, it's like it start from my vagina or waste and be like its coming up on my left breast. the pain is too much that i dont know what to do anymore, this days its attacking me almost day and night and it last for hours, after sex this pain on my leg it becomes too much that i wish to be cut from my waste and left with a half part. i have been to doctors and they are not helping. even i cant rememeber how many medication i have taken from pharmacy. please help me you can send me an email at..claramaboho@gmail.com

  • i drop heavy blood and meat during period.. while still a virgin

  • I got the same problem I'm in agony everyday! I got told I had pid for four years iv had to lots of antibiotics but still got stabin pains in my groin and numbness In my leg! I'm waitin for a scan but been waitin for months

  • I'm in the same boat!

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