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advice for grade 3 prolapse

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hi everyone. I am 50 yrs old and I believe I have bladder and bowel prolapse stage 3, waiting on appointment. Has anyone had surgery on both and have an advice on how to slow down the progression? I’ve started kegels, if I’m doing them correctly but any other help would be appreciated. Thank you

5 Replies
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I am using Christine Kent's Whole Woman approach, its very different to pretty much anything else out there, but makes very much sense to me, plus I really do not want surgery. Check her website out, and there are some good podcasts on Spotify were she is being interviewed, gives a good introduction to her approach and her own story of prolapse and recovery.

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Glyn8 in reply to MissStar

I have just come across the Whole Woman site. I agree she makes so much sense. I have a stage II prolapse and I'm also wary of surgery. It's important to look at all the options and try them first..

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Lynniebg in reply to MissStar

thank you. I’ll check her website.

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bluepettals2 in reply to MissStar

MissStar thankyou so much i have just looked her up and signe d for the newsletter thanklyou again.very grateful

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Please send me the email adres of Christine Kent. Thanks!

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