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How do I find a good urogynaecologist? Or can anyone recommend someone?

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How do I know if they're any good? Im about to speak to a GP and hopefully get a referral to urogynaecology but my local hospital is awful so if anyone knows of someone good (NHS) south of england area, that would be great.


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Good Morning…I know you are in England..however if you ever come to the states looking for a uro/gyn DO NOT see Dr. Howard Goldstein…he misdiagnosed me for a good year and a half…he had no clue what was the cause of my pelvic pain and caused me more pain the last time I saw him his last words he said to me were “if this drug doesn’t make you feel better then we will just take your uterus “…I ran out and never looked back….I can recommend Dr. Marc Toglia he is at Riddle Hospital in Media PA…he diagnosed me with pundel neuralgia the first visit to him…again this is only if you are in the east coat of the states…I wish you health..pelvic pain is a horrid condition

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hi, I’ve just been to a Spire hospital, they do take nhs but your gp needs to refer, I paid for my first appointment to set the ball rolling. Saw a urogynae specialist. He came up with something that gps and hospital never mentioned, feel like I have an answer after years of gp inadaquicy.

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