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Ongoing pain in 1buttock, seems to be radiating from one spot. Sciatica? Piriformis syndrome? Another trapped nerve? Only when sitting.

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Already have pudendal neuralgia, which seems to be under control. This buttock pain seemed to begin after mild back pain and some pain down back of leg. Latter two symptoms have gone but feel like my sitting bone is pressing into me when I sit. Anyone with anything similar? Thanks

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I get it sporadically....and I was wondering how you got your PN under control?

Hi, I have that pain all the time. With the PN, it slowly improved over time. The only thing I actively did was to avoid stretching in ways that aggravated it and having luke warm showers - heat definitely aggravates it. And no carrying heavy loads or pulling anything. Just before I got the buttock pain, I had some done more stretching for a foot injury.. Think suddenly stretching might have been too much, considering I had protected the PN for so long. How is your PN?

I have PN , but also I believe have irritation/ compression of Posterior Femoral Cutaneous Nerve . Particularly at inferior cluneal nerve . There is deep pain at gluteal fold - often feels like bad hamstring pain , but my hamstrings are fine . If I do any glute exercises the pain into my sit bones gets worse ,which is annoying as having weak glutes is not helpful for pelvic pain .

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