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Piriformis pain advice please (pelvic pain related).

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Hello, among my myriad neuropathic pelvic pain conditions I have intense piriformis pain and trigger points. The traditional methods of pain relief, ie. via the pinky ball, does not help. It actually makes my pain much much worse (searing in buttock and wrapping to the front of pelvis on left side).

Has anyone recovered from this and what method did you use (ie I have heard lidocaine shots, and botox. I will not do anything like dry needling because I would only use ultrasound guided techniques). Also if you have recovered, did it help relieve other aspects of your pain?

Thank you.

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Mine is pudendal nerve related and I’m trying dry needling and shockwave right now.

I am going again today for dry needling…it helps some. I had the trigger point shots and it did not help. Have had this for 4 years. Very frustrating…

I have nerve damage after a botched bladder minor operation.I was offered Botox injections I to my bladder.

After the Botox injections I had urine incontinence and fecal incontinence. I need to plan everywhere I went to ensure I was able to access toilets.

Also I had to take changes of clothes and endless supplies of sanitary towels.

I have been offered botox again , but declined.

Same here. Been to different Drs. and am totally frustrated. 41/2 years.

Have you tried physiotherapy? Specialists know how to treat trigger points. It may take time. Are you in the UK?

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