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painful legs

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My problems have become worse since prolapse diagnosed in March. waiting for gynae appointment. Lot of discomfort in my legs at night. having no sleep.

Why are there no articles about Prolapse? menopause have so much attention.

I sailed through mine. This prolapse is the worse problem i have ever had. I am 78 .

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Hi Sorry to hear your problem. You do not say what type of prolapse you have , is it bladder, bowel or vagina wall? I had a vaginal wall repair last year and they pushed the bladder back in place. Also had a prolapse of bowel which was repaired the year before and I had pain in my right leg which seemed to disappear after I had my bowel op. I am 70 yrs. Not sure if there was a connection but strange the pain went after my 1st op. Hope this helps.

Hi yes it's a bit of a hidden problem. I'm 59 so you are lucky you haven't had it when you were younger. Imagine having to work with the dragging lump feelings. Apparently it's very common but no one mentions it. Mine happened soon after menopause which was at 57 I think we can have a bit of descent down there without it being a problem too. Some get it after childbirth I'm glad l didn't suffer with it then. I only had one child.

What I'm going to suggest is you try a ring pessary just ask at your surgery. They are brilliant. I wear one its tricky to find the right size so as you can still open your bowel but mine takes away the horrible discomfort. Hope this helps you. They dont hurt so please dont worry. I call mine my flexible friend.

Thank you Poppy. have tried pessary. would not stay in. Appointment with gynae in September. I feel so angry. like no one i interested in prolapse problem. no help groups ect. never had so much pain in my life. especially at night. think it is lack of oestrogen in my case. but who knows?

I take vagifem twice weekly tablet up there has small amount of estradiol which is estrogen hormone. There's loads of rings to try maybe a different one might be ok? mines wonderful for me but not totally solves it. Please can you let me know how your gynecology appointment goes?

i know im having pain in feet legs at night and if im walking around do washing etc i come over feeling unwell and a bad ache down below were i urinnate from . i look so tied i go bed pain in legs and desirbed sleep

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