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Newbie here with frustrating undiagnosed condition. Anyone else have similar symptoms?

Hey there!

So my doctors and specialists have thrown around a few terms over the last 3 years like "Chronic nonbacterial Prostatits" or "Chronic Pelvic Pain Disorder/Syndrome" but none have officially diagnosed me with anything.

My main symptoms are lower abdominal pain and testicular pain, sometimes it's sharp, sometimes its constantly throbbing, sometimes the pain is an influx of heat mainly on my pubic region.

The testicular pain seems to be what is confusing my GP the most, and it's definitely the most severe of the pains. My left testicle is very sensitive, sometimes If I catch a finger against it I fall to the ground in agony. The testicle also ascends up into my groin sometimes, which is peculiar and very uncomfortable.

Im at my wit's end honestly, it's stopped me being able to work, I most definitely can't have a sex life. Most nights it's so painful I can't sleep so I rarely see sociable hours.

It could be worse though, that's the only thought that gets me through, plenty of people have persevered through harder challenges, I just hope there's light at the end of the tunnel and this isn't for the rest of my life.

Thanks for reading and letting me rant!

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Sounds like pudental neuralgia/pelvic floor dysfunction... Have they swapped those areas to make sure there's no bacteria and also you may need to go to pelvic floor physical therapy... I know my PT sees a lot of men for these conditions. Meds like Cymbalta gabapentin amitriptyline and muscle relaxers can help this condition I've had PFD for about two and a half years now so I'm getting knowledgeable about it

Could be epididimytis, inflammation of the spermatic cord. Have you had a diagnostic scan. That’s really what you need, to make sure you haven’t an abcess or cyst.

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