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Anyone familiar with a prolapse organ? I'm trying to self diagnosis until.i see my OBGYN, I don't feel or look right

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It feels like I have an oversized tampon inside and coming out or something. My ovaries hurt and feel a lot of cramping. It looks like I have a donut showing inside my vagina. I literally started crying because the top part of the stitches had come out and I now look like I have a cliff lip as a clit on the left side. Literally a lizard tongue from delivering my baby. The doctor didnt mention anything about a prolapse because he said I had to heal before he could really examine me. 2 weeks later the pressure got worse and basically pissing myself. Every time I feel the urge to pee I can't hold it. After washing myself off it felt strange and have this burning sensation with pressure. When I reviewed the pictures I took I about had a heart attack. I looklike I have a limp baby dick coming out of my vagina. Like wtf is this 😭 why? Why me? You know, my vagina was the only thing I had good going for myself at the age of 35 let's just take that away from me too. 😭 I'm devasted and scared to death. I have an appointment Friday and afraid that my bladder is coming out or something. It looks like my cervix though. I don't know what the hell it is but it's not normal and I feel like I'm transgender now. Has anyone experienced anything like this before?

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Hi please dont worry too much sounds like you have just had a baby everything is probably very swollen down there. l remember sitting on a ring for about a fortnight. Try and look after yourself well until you see your doctor. Everything feels uncomfortable for a while. If you have a prolaspe I'm sure they will tell you and try and get you sorted. I have heard you can get cramping with your uterus returning to pre pregnancy size.

Good wishes to you

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