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Submucoid fibroid 1.5cm

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Will I need I need surgery

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I had 6 fibriods mostly 4.8cm in size 2 8.3cm and one cervical fibroid just under 10cm I've just had them removed though myometomy they grew during pregnancy where I miscarried I then fell pregnant a second time and caused heavy bleeding haemorrhage at 20wks. I now have a beautiful miracle 2yr. I ve had them removed as they caused heavy clotting bleeding alot of pain and it was throught caused my migraine. It was an open myometomy and very hard to go through but they have gone now. My advice I was told to leave them keep try to fall pregnant blar but all that happened was fibroids grew to big caused more problems and caused complications during my pregnancy, get them checked scanned and get the best treatment for them don't let them get to big ask for zolodex injections to help shrink them and if surgery is suggested really consider it with consultant my consultant was brilliant I'm glad I put all my trust in him.

Not necessarily. Some times fibroids don't give problems then you don't need to do anything. Some times they make it difficult to get pregnant, but its still possible (i had my child with a 6cm fibroid, no issues). Some times they grow and multiply and then it gets more complicated (im having hysterectomy next week). So don't panic, do research so you are well informed and don't ignore symptoms like heavy bleeding (i was severe anemic and didn't notice.. ).

There is a very nice Facebook support group with countless cases and positive vibe, if you are interested its called : uterine fibroids:removal support group.

No l have three and one of mine is bigger than yours,

I use 40 napkin per period, I have pcos as well, on height strength iron

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There are procedures that are not surgery. Look into Sonata. Hysteroscopic myomectomy is to remove it through vagina.

Is it available on uk

I think it different for everyone

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