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Advice... Will it ever come back?

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I'm really worried. Since my I.C.U experience (Close to death) I'm still very weak which really concerns me. I'm only 36 so of course I'm worried because what concerns me is if I don't get it back before I turn 40. Will it ever come back?

I'm really considering speaking to my doctor.

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Hi Lotus-Blossom - Sorry to hear that you ended up in ICU. I have also been in ICU a couple of years ago so I know how draining it can be. It takes a while to feel "normal-ish". How long ago was this for you? I am also in my 30's.

Thank you for responding and your kind words. I was in hospital in 17 /12 / 2018 .

I had a near death experience 2 years ago at the age of 65. It took a good 6 months to recover but I would say there was gradual improvement during that time, despite initial feelings of weakness, anxiety and frustration at my situation. Hopefully at your much younger age you will make a faster and full recovery. I was desperate to feel well again but you have to let your body recover from the shock and that takes time. Good luck with your recovery

Thank you for responding and kind words.

Yes it will i was in icu in a coma 9 weeks in 2009

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