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Clear Passage / Wurn technique manual therapy for pelvic adhesions

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Hi everyone,

Has anyone ever used Clear Passage / Wurn technique? It is an American company with a branch in London and offers a 5day course of manual therapy which they said improves pelvic pain caused by adhesions. It is extremely expensive (£4.5k!) and I would be reluctant to spend that unless I really know it had a good chance of working. Does anyone know anything about it, or even better, has tried this?

Thank you.

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Sounds like a rip off and I can't see how they can divide adhesions without causing extreme pain. I'm not going into details but I have had some adhesions manipulated and broken up and it was absolute agony, I will never go through that again !

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Yveee in reply to bantam12

Hi, thanks for your reply. When you had the adhesions manipulated, did it help the pain long term? Why wouldn't you do it again?

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bantam12 in reply to Yveee

No it didn't help at all and I won't be putting myself through that pain again.

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lolatx in reply to bantam12

Thank you for your perspective and sharing your experience. Sounds like something to stay far away from...

I have never had the Wurn technique so I am interested in hearing how it differs from the many expensive but Def worth it advanced certifications in adhesion mobilization from Heman and Wallace and especially Institute of Physical Art. Does anyone know how Wurn is different?

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Yveee in reply to Pinky2233

Hi thanks for your reply. I hadn't heard of that, have you trained in it? What makes you say it's effective - is that personal experience? I am looking for any sort of physical therapy that might be able to actually break down the adhesions (mine were caused by one episode of PID so I theorise if I break them down manually they shouldn't recur). I dont want surgery as the inflammation/trauma of the surgery will create more adhesions afterwards from what I have read!

Hi Yveee, Have you investigated laparoscopic adhesiolysis? I’m thinking of turning to that next.

I have chronic pain caused by abdominal, pelvic, Bowel and bladder adhesions caused by (13) surgeries. I had 4surgeries to separate adhesions with little success as surgery causes more scar tissue.I have limited abdominal movement and over time I have managed to figure out what causes an increase in pain.

I receive treatment from my specialist NHS woman's physio which involves Visceral abdominal massage to try to loosen up my adhesions. I agree with bantam in that treatment is very painful and any relief in pain is short lived, however that short time of reduced pain is worth continuing with treatment.

Given the extensive adhesions I have, I struggle with Bowel and bladder problems, which is another whole level of pain and complications.

I followed the link to clear passage and read all about their approaches and watched some videos.

In the politest way, I don't agree with a lot of their claims purely based on my own experiences. And the cost of their treatments with no gaurintees of success is eye watering.

I will be continuing my treatment from my NHS provider and care team who help me manage my conditions and pain. I have been informed that my adhesions are severe and any surgical intervention would not be possible now due to risks of complications.

Mabe people who have less severity of adhesions may benefit from clear passage approach, but to charge people who are vulnerable and in pain that amount of money doesn't sit right with me.

Wishing all my fellow sufferers good health and good luck with future treatments!!! Stay strong!!!

I have had this technique, and it was a great success, until they stopped accepting my insurance and charging cash. I would come in for treatment, using a cane, and walk out carrying the cane. I found that after about four treatments, I was pain free for a year. Now I can't find anyone who practices it who also accepts insurance, sadly. It's not for everyone, but I can only speak for myself!

Personally I'd take serrapeptase instead (can break down adhesions). Much cheaper, can increase pain for a few weeks but then it stops. My scar tissue no longer hurts thanks to taking it and I'm pretty sure I was going to have a fixed colon and now the excruciating pain has stopped after taking serrapeptase for several months.

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