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Pregabalin and CBD Oil Query .


Hello everyone , I have been taking Pregabalin for eight months and it makes me feel so unwell.

I have a year wait for a nerve block and have been passed from a urologist to a pain clinic to a gynaecologist and also colorectal team . I have at least a 6 month wait to see any of these teams .

Recently I’ve developed extremely loud tinnitus and I’m not sure if the pregabalin has caused this .

I have two questions .

Has anyone else developed ear problems when taking Pregabalin and how do you manage to take CBD oil.?

Did you get it prescribed ? I do not have any GPS I feel would prescribe it for me , I feel quite desperate at the moment with the Pudendal Neuralgia still not diagnosed or any chance of seeing a Specialist .

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I have taken Gabapentin, very low doseage for a very short period of time. I have hearing loss and tinnitus. This drug is in same family as Lyrica, so I'm not surprised you have tinnitus. Both drugs are considered ototoxic. I have dyssynergia with obstruction and believed the Gabapentin worked for rectal pressure but not without this dreadful side effect.

Thank you Katie for your reply . Isn’t it awful ? I can’t function without the Pregabalin as it helps make the pain tolerable . But this tinnitus is just as bad .

Try physical therapy before the nerve block.

Dog2paws in reply to RobertVerde

Thank you for your reply .I have seen a physio who works in the Gynae Dept , but not a physical therapist . I think the nearest one would be in London and I couldn’t get my urologist to refer me to a specialist centre which would have a Physical Therapist there.

He just referred me to a pain clinic within my local hospital .

RobertVerde in reply to Dog2paws

Here is a site that has listings around the world.

Dog2paws in reply to RobertVerde

Hi RobertThank you very much.

I really appreciate it .

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