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Pain in my left side low down in my pelvis

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Had this pelvic achy pain for 4weeks now paid for a ultrasound as nhs taking too long ..only found a polyp which she said shouldnt cause pain..I've had full bloods done came back fine..waitknv for my stool sample to come back ...the pain is often worse at night but then I can go 2 days without pain it's very strange ..making me depressed incase it's something sinister

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Did you have internal ultrasound....

Yes had a transvaginal aswell that's wen she found the poloyp its hard to think the pain could be bowel related as so far down where I use to get period pains and my bowels are fine getting constipated at times due to diet and too many vitimins but I've stopped them incase it's related...I'm.waiting for my stool sample to come back ...have u got similar probs x

Definitely can be bowel related and also atrophic vaginitis causes lots of pain in lower pelvis, I've had problems for years and so far found no long term solution despite paying to see a top specialist !

I know it's frustrating if it's not bowel related I'm considering going private for a hysterectomy x

Well this was my plan in seeing a private Gynae but she was very reluctant to do a hysterectomy as there's absolutely no guarantee it will cure the problem. I saw her again 2 weeks ago and she has now agreed to do the surgery but she has said it's only a 50% chance of improving symptoms. It's a major op to go through just to be back at square one if it doesn't work !

I do have ulcerative colitis, ovarian cysts and fibroids so lots going on but impossible to tell which is causing the problem so I'm now dithering about having the op.

Also it's very expensive going privately, I'm due a CT at £500 😳 Ultrasound was £300 and the surgery would be around £10k 🤦🏻‍♀️ but the NHS wait list for her is 52+ weeks so not really an option.

Well look at it this way it would solve your fibroids problem and depending on what you have removed you are less likely to get lady problems I'm thinking I'm 61 so not going to have anymore children so dont need my ovaries etc so it's a big decision and a expensive one but your health is everything I'm.seriously considering the op ...let me know x

I'm already missing some bits and well past meno so don't need the rest so I'm happy to be shot of everything but I've had a lot of abdo/pelvic surgery in the past so it complicates things, one reason she wasn't keen ! Of course if covid carries on the private hospitals will commandeered by the NHS so all elective surgery will be on hold again, could be a long wait.

Yes I thought that about spire hospital..hope you go on ok my pain comes n goes I'm waiting for my stool test to come back....keep us posted jx

Please only see a hysterectomy as a last resort. Pelvic pain is very hard to diagnose and research has identified that even after a hysterectomy and other evasive procedures that we can still have pain related to that area after surgery.

I have had pelvic pain for nearly 10 years. I have been diagnosed with polyps and had surgery to have them removed years ago after being told they were likely the cause of my pain. Fast forward 2 years later and it wasnt the cause of my pain either.

Could you try some pain killers and see if this allows your pelvis to have a break and heal first. I know 4 weeks is too long to be in pain but sometimes the body needs 3 months to heal from something.

Thinking of you.

Thanks for your understanding I will try other things first thanks for caring x

Can I ask how old are you .....


I started with pain too at my left hand side Christmas eve, but l have just gone on medication at the beginning of December for acid reflux and IBS. I was taking 8 buscapan a day which l stopped because l thought that was causing the pain, however the pain still continued after 5 days. It wakes me up in the night and l have to take paracetamol and ibuprofen and sometimes get the hot water bottle until the pain eases off. I have been back to the doctors and she has taken blood, urine and stool samples and waiting on the results. She informs me that it could be a bacterial infection in my gut and can be cleared up with antibiotics. She also prescribed me Amitriptyline tablets and l did have my first tablet last night and slept without waking up in pain. Not sure if this helps but good luck.

I'm on them.for arthritis xx

I also have a couple of fibroids but l am informed that the symptoms l was having were not related because the fibroids were too small. They told me that l was peri menopausal and the fibroids would shrink as l went through the menopause. I am 52 years old so who knows when that may be.

Aww at least they ruled out anything sinister love its crap being a woman 🙄❤

Hello molly My pain started right hand side low pelvis In March x

I have had pelvic ultrasound internal and external,, I have also paid for private pelvic mri and consultant x

I’ve had ct scan, also colonoscopy and mri scan on small bowel, I’ve also had ca125 test and stool test x

What has shown up is a four and a half centimetre calcified fibroid, I am having a hysterectomy in the 19 th January x

Poor you and your bank account I had to pay private for my pelvic ultrasound bloods are normal so waiting for stool test result...its strange started beg dec from no where then been on n off since worse at night I feel the twinges then it starts its bloody awful I dont know what to do with myself it makes me quite anxious as u cant escape the pain I'm on naproxen now..good luck with your having to pay for mine aswell as dont want to wait too long jx

Yes it’s been horrendous x I didn’t know I had fibroids,,,, I was anxious as I thought it was sinister, but everything points to this calcified fibroid x it’s the size of a satsuma x

Heck I'm not surprised your in pain..thankgod its fixable ...thsts the worry isnt it dresding the c word...mine is strange some days I dont get the pain then others it starts as soon as I get up ..I will be releaved if my stool sample is normal I'm.61 young though it sounds old ha ha but I've never had anything wrong al my life...only been hospital. To have my 2 kids who are adults now of course 34 and 32...anyway keep me updated where about r u I'm.blackpool jx

I’m barrow in Furness, I also have only had babies I’m fifty five x I went to Spyre coast private hospital at Blackpool

Yes thatz where I'm gojng to see a gynie did u go recently as I could do with a referral of one that is good...if u want to text me if you are stressed etc and need a chat I'm jeanette hardman or are u on facebook good to chat to someone that understands ..07790 710561 jx

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