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Pain scrotum and pain


I have pain in scrotum and penis and sometimes burning but burning anus have subsided.

But pain to scrotum and penis causing real discomfort and does not really help when lying down.

When I had burning anus pain I called my GP and was prescribed capsules but did not help and burning subsided itself.

I waiting to call GP again for burning scrotum and penis pain.

What's could be causing this and whether its treatable?

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It's sounds like pelvic floor dysfunction...get assessed by a pelvic floor pt if you can because sounds like nerve and muscle involved...pain doctor will probably give you a neuromodulator like gabapentin and or Amitryptiline to calm the nerves and pain/burning signals..

remember a lot of regular doctors don't think outside the box that's why the pelvic floor therapists help... my pelvic floor therapist takes care of quite a few men with these issues

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Thank you Kalecolbe12 much appreciated

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I agree with you. I had same problem and seen a pt for 3 visit then insurance stopped mine. So still have my problems with pain.

I would see a pelvic floor PT as well - here is a link that might help you: there is a link on the left that you can follow - good luck!

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