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PID? Anyone else share my experience?

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Hi ladies, I’m currently in hospital after having a lap yesterday for suspected appendicitis due to severe Lower abdominal pain. My bloods showed a very high infection rate I was unable to move or walk due to pain and was being sick until all that was coming up was bright green bile. When they operated my appendix was fine but they found damage to my Fallopian tubes, and high inflammation on my tubes, ovaries, uterus and bladder. I have a history of endometriosis and chocolate cysts on one ovary. They diagnosed me with pelvic inflammatory disease. All my swabs for stds have come back negative, I have no vaginal discharge, my periods are regular with no spotting between. I just wonder if anyone else has experienced this as I can’t find any examples online that match mine.

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What is a chocolate cyst? How did they diagnose exactly?

I’ve been suffering with the same thing for weeks. Keeping fobbing me off and just give me antibiotics for a uti but it hasn’t cleared up at all

Hi I have the same a very persistent dull ache in my pubic bone area, had blood work done and It’s showing kidney dysfunction and signs of an infection just started moxifloxacin and being referred to a gynaecologist and urologist as I also need to pee constantly although I don’t have any bacteria in my urine so confused and frustrated

That’s exactly what’s happening to me, I’ve been on 6 lots of antibiotics including moxifloxaxin. It’s horrible hope you get better soon. They can’t seem to diagnose me at all :/

wow 6 types! have they scanned you or anything? i'd ask to see a specialist, do you have to pee a lot too? i need to go about twice an hour and about 5-6 times a night, horrendous!

I’m up and down all the time and when I do go hardly anything comes out 😂 and nope no scan or nothing, I was sent for a STD test came back negative. Just waiting to finish this lot of antibiotics then I’m gonna go back to the doctors. Ridiculous isn’t it

i had a full STD screen in June and was negative, i had a shot of antibiotics and 2 sets of oral antibiotics for 2 weeks and the pain did go away but i then had a brief relationship about a month ago and the pain is back, so i will do another full test just to rule that out but the pain feels exactly the same, have you had 3 antibiotics at the same time? if not maybe worth going to a sexual health clinic to get them?

3 yeah that doxycycline and one beginning with an M, for 2 weeks, 2 a day and he gave me 2 pills while there. Have you found out what yours was?

that sounds like what i had in June and it did go, not sure its PID this time round but the pain is the same, am waiting to be see the gynacologist and urioligist to see what it is, have you had in internal examination? as when i went to the sexual health clinic in June they said if it doesn't go then they would do an ultra sound but didn't need it in the end as the pain went - hoping this latest set of anti-biotics - moxifloxacin works!

this is NICE guidelines for PID

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