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Pudendal neuralgia holistic help


Hi all kind souls

I have really awful pudendal neuralgia, with pain at the bottom of the spine, clitoris and urethra, bladder pain and often pain in my feet and legs.

I've tried pelvic floor therapy and going to try osteopathy. I'm just desperate as I'm going to lose my job and everything. I'm a shadow of myself. Please offer me some guidance.


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pelvic floor therapy can take up to two years to really work I've been in it for 7 months and I feel so much better I go once a week.... However there are some new things coming out Google Doctor prolong go and his cryoablation of the pudendal nerve and also just plain ablation the other thing that seems to be working for people is ptns... So Google all of that and see if anything might be a match for you to try... I am also doing home stretches and exercises along with taking muscle relaxants and gabapentin but now I'm coming off the meds slowly...I am about a year in and it takes actually a couple of years to three years to come back to any semblance of your normal self so just stay patient it'll happen

What is cryobalation

Google Dr Prolongo and pudental cryoblation


Sorry to here you are suffering so much. I just wanted to letcyou know that I had suffered those symptoms for almost a year before I came across dct. I started the exercise programme 1st of June ladt year and within a month my symptoms were under control.

I have now completed 7 months and I'm pain free most of the time. If I have a flare the pain is minimal and resolves quickly. I am stronger and fitter. And the best thing is that the price of the programme was the price for one session with a physio. I would urge anybody with pudendal neuralgia to try it. Look up freedom from pelvic pain and you will find it and start to get your life back.

What exercise program are you referring to please?

Hi the exercise programme is called dynamic contraction technique (dct)

If you look up freedom from pelvic pain.

I think she means this: men.dctforpelvicpain.com/vs...

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It's no longer just for men. They've expanded the programme now. They've also made it accessible to non English speakers.

I too have had much relief after reading and doing the yoga/stretches in the book freedom from pelvic pain I was on the sofa for a year and 1/2 being misdiogoised over and over again it is on of the only things that help me the other is valerian root and hops I take it up to 3 times daily always at night I do not take any other meds Good Luck go to the library and get the book then buy youself a copy I love mine

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I also started off treating pelvic pain with yoga and static stretching. I managed the pain by doing stretches throughout the day even when travelling. The difference with dct is that I am making permenant change in my body. The dct progeamne addresses tension in the muscles and fascia. I think that I had a lot of tension in the fascia which has gone now. My muscles are not only stronger but also looser. The burning has progressively reduced. If I do have a flare the pain is minimal. It is a programme I will follow for life.

Hi Kate

So sorry to hear of your suffering.

I think we have very similar problems.

I've recently started to suffer with rectal symptoms which I'm thinking is something involving the pudendal nerve. This would also fit with the vaginal and other symptoms I have suffered for 31 years. My problem has been going round in circles trying to get a diagnosis. However, in the meantime, I am attending acupuncture sessions which do help with the pain and symptoms.

I'm trying to get to see a member of the Bristol Team.

Please post your progress.

Good luck.


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