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Should I get an upright MRI after normal MRI showed nothing?

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I recently had an ultrasound that showed a possible non-reducible femoral hernia (right groin area). But an MRI showed nothing. The consultant said that what was found in the ultrasound could be fatty tissue and that “everyone has fatty tissue”.

I’m wondering if I should pay for an upright MRI, because I experience pain when standing, walking, bending etc, not lying down (and I was lying down in the MRI I’ve already done). I’ve read that an upright MRI can help detect sports injuries, and my pain started after physical activity (giving CPR). I’ve also wondered if this could be a muscle tear or something.

Does anyone know about upright MRIs or have any ideas of what I could do next? I could try to get a laparoscopy but my pain isn’t localised to one spot.

Any suggestions welcome :-)

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Someone on this board I believe said she was diagnosed finally after doing an upright Ultrasound or MRI....

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London80 in reply to 21Tara

Thank you! I just found a post from a few years ago so that might be the one you mean. It’s one of several routes I could go, I just need to decide whether it’s worth the money.

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21Tara in reply to London80

Can you actually send a link to that page on this thread so anyone else can easily find it?

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London80 in reply to 21Tara

Good idea, I’ll try and do that now

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London80 in reply to London80

I had what the hospital said was a hidden hernia. Didn't show up on any imaging. Only found when I had exploratory surgery. Had mesh repair which within a year curled and caused more pain! Had the mesh taken out and repaired surgically. All been ok since.

Hope you soon get sorted.

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