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Pessary for uterus prolapse

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I have just had a pessary inserted for a prolapsed uterus. Had surgery in October to lift my bladder which had prolapsed and now uterus has prolapsed!

Was having symptoms of heaviness and a rough feeling between my legs.

The pessary was fitted today and heaviness has eased a little however I can still feel the pessary and it’s quite uncomfortable is this how they are or should I try and get a different size?

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Try for another size. They shouldn’t hurt.

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Fingals9 in reply to Retry

Thanks for your reply I will go back and see dr in the week.

When you first have a pessary you tend to feel it being there for the first few days until you get use to it. If you have pain however it is too big.

Thank you for your reply. I’m trying to work out if it’s uncomfy or painful keeping it in for the moment as it’s only been a day.

Wasn’t able to sleep with it last night so possibly is too big?

Hi, poor you, having two prolapses. My heart goes out to you. I recommend you make an appointment now, because if it still hurts after a week or so, it must be too big. I was given a flexible one last summer that was one size too big and I pulled the 'wide mouthed tree frog' face to show the doctor what it felt like! I was given the next size down and could forget it was even there. I hope you have a good doctor, though, as I saw another doc while I was waiting for the next size down which had to be ordered in, and she was horrid and said as long as it did the job, she couldn't care less if it hurt, so be warned that you might have to be insistent that you can't live with this one. Sorry if that sounds negative, but forewarned is forearmed and so many people on this site have had uncaring doctors. As you've had surgery this recently they should understand you'd rather persevere with a pessary than go through it again. Good luck. xxx

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Sylviayork in reply to beatitude

Hi I'm new on here but have read some of your comments with interest. I have same problem, had a number of the flexible pessaries but none of them worked, was down for surgery but decided to try a different pessary, it's called a shelf pessary. I had this inserted at the hospital by a gynaecologist. It's uncomfortable, I can only describe it as being like a babies dummy, it's solid with a few holes in but has a bit underneath like a dummy, I can feel it it's making me sore. I am going to ring on Monday to have it removed, some of them you can remove yourself, but not this 1. I'm thinking of going back on list for surgery.

I read Holding The Ball: How to survive a Pelvic Organ Prolapse without surgery. It worked for the author of the book, but she was younger than me, I'm 71 and have had the prolapse for quite a few years. I did have a bladder repair when I was in my 30''s, which was successful, I was out of hospital the next day.

Thanks for advice. Only been in for a day but pain pretty tough going so think I need a smaller size. Doctor seemed quite sympathetic so hope getting size change will be ok.

I tried a pessary and found even the small size incredibly painful. Has anyone tried Contrelle Activgard pessary? It seems a lot more flexible than the thich ring which I had inserted? I don't know if it works for prolapse or just stress incontinence.


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