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Tampons for grade 1 bladder prolapse (cystocele)


Hi. I have never used tampons, I'm 46 but due to the prolapse would like to hear from anyone who successfully improves their symptoms with them. I just successfully used them (regular) for 3 days whilst on my period. I have read that super tampons are best. I've also read that taking a tampon out dry is painfull. I'm wondering what is the best thing to do. Would putting some lube or olive oil on them work? I read somewhere to dip the end of the tampon in witch hazel to make it splay out before lubing it. Does anyone agree with that?

I am going down this route as apparently my prolapse isn't bad enough for a ring pessary according to my gp. Also I am struggling with bubbles continuously exiting my vagina especially after peeing, and bending. It is driving me crazy like to breakdown level. With the regular tampon on my period the bubbles were vastly reduced!

I would greatly appreciate any help, I have been using Vagifem for 6 months since it happened. I am not working but would like to. I usually do cleaning or shop work but I don't think I can cope with bending like this, or carrying. The thought of a desk job at my age does scare me. Has prolapse affected anyone's ability to work? I'm fortunate I have a loving, considerate husband who works. I spend all day running the house at my own pace at the moment.

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Hi. It probably doesn’t help much but I was told recently by a ladies physio that using a tampon when not on your period can vastly increase the risk of toxic shock syndrome and I was clearly steered away from that idea. If your prolapse isn’t that bad I would definitely try kegal exercises to see if they can help. Best of luck XX

Konagirl60 in reply to Leigh37

....and if the kegels don’t work...get a pessary! Get another opinion to.

ayle in reply to Konagirl60

Hi Konagirl. I desperately did want a pessary. I was mortified when she said there is no nobble as such to hold one in. That was her exact words. So I've no noble but the symptoms are unbearable at times. I do try telling myself all sorts to resign myself to it. I am hoping that my lady's health physio will give me a good opinion of what's going on. I had the initial consultation 2 months ago but haven't got the first proper appt through yet.

ayle in reply to Leigh37

Hi. Thanks for replying. I am disappointed now that maybe tampons are a bad idea. I have been doing kegels morning, noon, and night for 2 months so far. They haven't stopped the bubbles. I'm even thinking of a sea sponge but with that I'm worried about getting it out. I heard sewing floss to them can be successful though.

I heard also that one can desensitize in time to the prolapse symptoms. Do you think that's true?

Konagirl60 in reply to ayle

See another caregiver....good luck.

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