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Filshie Clip Migration Nightmare


Has anyone on here been injured and become disabled due to metal Filshie clips from their tubal ligation?

I was not given an Informed Consent before the surgery in 1998 and I had no clue that the clips kill the tubes and fall off into our bodies!

Many women including myself, have been left with chronic pain due to these clips migrating and reaching bowel, rectum, bladders and they can cause abscesses and hernias!

In my case, two ligaments in my ischial spine were overused due to sports, ballet, stooping at my work in the busiest hospital in my home province, being an avid gardener and leaf raker. ( 45 bags every fall ) I commuted to work and home for 20 years before I could no longer sit at all.

At the same time a clip was on my rectum, the above mentioned ligaments had tethered to a rectal nerve! ( the rectal branch of my right pudendal nerve ). Can you imagine the pain?

Four physiotherapy sessions later, I could no longer lie down. I suffered sleep deprivation for three years. This nerve compression injury HURT LIKE HELL and no doctor or specialist believed me!!

I had to hire a nurse to procure decompression surgery. Not one of the 8 doctors I saw would help me even though they said they would. They misrepresented me the entire time!

Two clips have been removed ten years too late. I still feel the presence of something else and. I was wondering? Since two clips are usually used, why do I read about cases where four clips were used? Could there be another clip inside of me that doctors here are covering up?

They knew about the clips in 2008 and they did nothing to help me but medicate me and try to make me an addict. I do not have a personality disorder. I was suffering INTENSE PAIN This hurt and no doctor believe me. Why not?

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I am sorry for your pain all these years and especially to be told it is a personality disorder! To not be believed is the worst pain of all. What are your immediate plans? I can't relate to your problem, but I am sure the pain is real. I have an intense pain from pelvic issues due to repeated falls. I am in pain constantly. That I understand.

Hey I read your post: I’m so sorry you’ve been through all that. I work in an OR and see these types of clips used all the time. : typically for blood vessels they use multiple clips 2 to 4 and cut in the middle. It looks like in tubal ligation cases, it is common for them to use just a single clip and not cut anything. Or they can use 2 on each side and cut in the middle. These clips are very easily seen by x Ray. Can you request your imaging records?

I think you got the brush off all these years because drs are told these products are biocompatible.... it’s only years later we hear about the side effects/inflammation caused by these devices. -like breast implants: many are now coming forward with side effects from their body reacting to them.

I find it disheartening how many patients are just told it’s in their head/ give drugs/ refer to psych.

Konagirl60 in reply to Lurface

Doctors or the companies who sell the metal hardware are not being held accountable. I have contacted Health Canada.....they are doing an investigation.

The radiologists who spot these clips will NOT agree that once they have migrated they can cause a foreign body response. They are arrogant and utterly dismissive. I spoke with one and he reamed me out for speaking up. There was a clip adjacent to my rectum! It should have been removed stat! He disagreed! No empathy whatsoever.

Lurface in reply to Konagirl60

That’s awful, I think the medical knowledge we have of any foreign body response is in its infancy. It’s just now after millions of breast implants placed that people having immune reactions, and rarely lymphoma are getting notice. I talked to a plastic surgeon about it and he was very dismissive saying it’s so rare (I doubt it, we just don’t have the right tools to diagnose it yet). I don’t think any foreign object is ever truely “biocompatible “. - I don’t have implants but I work in the or and see the scar tissue and things women deal with afterwards.

Vicknb in reply to Lurface

I agree with these medical device misinformation. People’ are being injured and drs aren’t coming clean about it. I had a hysterectomy 6 months ago for adenomyosis period pain now im in excruciating pain i live on my back movement hurts of any kind. I feel nerve pain burning and tingling up my sternum and pressure, cramping so severe i cant stand up. All tests scans normal was told its pelvic floor

And nuero pain. My life turned upside down. Pain meds only take the edge off. Nerve blocks dont help. Nerve pain meds dont help. It was done robotically by da vinci. I finally have drs who believe me it took 6 months for them to listen. Im exhausted they pain never leaves. My dr clueless as to according to her it was a straight forward surgery, i was screaming in recovery it hurt so much i also was mot given informed consent. And she lied in my records as i got them was dated after surgery states that 50 percent of our 30 min visit was to go over risks. I was given gabapentin immediately after surgery. Which i found odd and asked her she says she gives all her patients preventatively. This is my stomach still bruised 6 months later. Google unplug the robot and watch netflix the bleeding edge it’s horrible

Lurface in reply to Vicknb

I’m so so sorry you are going through all this. The gabapentin is a typical med to be given both pre and post op.... but that’s the last thing that is normal with your story. As far as your nerve pain: I am following medical medium protocol. (Find his book). He says that nerve pain issues are caused by viruses in our body. Most commonly Epstein Barr (mono). It’s basically a whole diet overhaul. I had mystery pelvic pain, after a lap they found absolutely nothing. It’s been a solid 2 months on his protocol and I’m feeling more and more normal. I think this can help with your nerve pain.... I really do. Suffering like that is no way to live.

Vicknb in reply to Lurface

Thank you

Vicknb in reply to Vicknb

But i had a normal life before this surgery i only had bad periods due to the adenomyosis, otherwise i was fine. No nerve pain at all its 100 percent from the removal of my uterus cuz i knew immediately as they pushed me out of recovery I was screaming and passing out i was injured.

Konagirl60 in reply to Vicknb

The nerve was somehow damaged during the surgery.

Can you sit pain free? Can you lie down pain free?

Is the pain cutting? Burning? Electrical puns and needle feelings?

Konagirl60 in reply to Lurface

Shingles which causes neuralgia is caused by a virus.

Nerve compression injuries and the subsequent pain is caused by injury to the nerve (s) and our Nervous System. Our Sympathetic nervous system goes into overdrive. Pain signals fire the nerves and contribute to our flight and fright feelings. This hurts!

OMG! I just read your story. What a nightmare‼️ I really feel for you, sweetheart.

Thank you for your support. It’s been a nightmare.

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