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Use of tampons



Am new to this web site, have just been diagnosed with bladder Prolapse , am horrified. It is impacting on all my activities. Have tried two different sizes of pessary, both came out, had anyone tried using tampons?


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Normal tampons purely to support ? I would think not ideal, have you looked on stessnomore site ? I seem to remember they have several options, a sponge being one.

It took me about 6 fittings before I had the right less art fitted, so don't give up

Pessary not less art

Ginnalee in reply to bantam12

I did that in the earlier years with the tampons for support before it got really bad.

Baglady123 in reply to Ginnalee

I have tried two sizes of pessary both fell out, how did you get get on with them?

Yes, took me several tries also before right pessary was found.

Baglady123 in reply to Grashop45

What sort of pessary worked for you?

Forget that! You deserve a quality of life, You need surgery to repair it. Many of my elderly female friends who have had babies in the past have required the surgery and healed well. Talk to your gynaecologist about this. Good luck.

bantam12 in reply to Konagirl60

Surgery isn't always a magic cure, it doesn't always work and in fact many people find they are worse afterwards.

Notawoman in reply to bantam12


I understand where you are coming from. It is your body and you will make the best the decision for you. Good luck no matter what happens.

Think twice before agreeing to a repair. I do believe that the pesary can work as I know people that have a pesary and just get it changed six monthly, you maybe may have to keep trying. I had a bladder and bowel repair done vaginally and have been in pain ever since and am now taking high doses of Gabapentin. I have recently seen another gynaecologist who has prescribed steroid cream and massage of the scar at the site of the operation. I could not have a pesary as I have no cervix so I felt that surgery was the answer, but obviously not as it turned out.

Any reputable Gyno surgeon will try pessary first

As Mentioned, a good Gynae will try out pessiries until the correct one is found. There are many designs and sizes. I THINK, mine is called a short horn, looks like a child's pacifier. I remove it every 6 Weeks and give a good wash and reinsert. Quite easy. Not sex friendly though, but as my partner lives in UK and I live in Caribbean, it doesn't prove much of a problem. Just remove when the moment comes. You can probably have a 'an extra curricular' friendly one as you'll have more choices than I, due to where I live. most people can I think.

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