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Has anyone on here had success with cryoablation in Atlanta Georgia



I was just curious if anyone on this site has gone and tried cryoablation in Atlanta. I was scheduled to have it done well at least the first part of the procedure but had to cancel it because they didn’t take my insurance. Please let us know. Thank you Debbie.

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Hi Deb

It's Kim here, hav'nt been in touch for a while. Sounds like you're hanging on in there like me!

I had cryoblation a couple of years ago in England though. I had it done along a few of my many scars ,hoping it would do some good but it didn't. For me it was a case of let's try anything!! They put the line beneath and along my scar lines after applying local anesthetic and then millimetre by millimetre pulled the line out giving a pulse each time. One of my scars was 7 inches long and it felt never ending. Compared to some of the things I've been through though it was nothing. Every time they gave a pulse it felt slightly like the feeling a tens machine gives if that ! It did take a while to perform the procedure and left me feeling a little bit sore but nothing worth worrying about.

There are some reports of the procedure working either a matter of days or months so well worth going for it.

I hope you get your insurance sorted so you can have the procedure because I know how much you are suffering with chronic pain and it would be brilliant if it could give you some kind of relief.

Take care and I will be thinking of you in my prayers.

There are two people over on pudendal hope that tried it, one suffered a terrible flare and then back to baseline. The other reported a 20-30% reduction in pain. I had a PFCN block last week at John Hopkins and the doctor there said they are doing cyro to that nerve. I am thinking about trying it...most imp thing is I dont get worse and it does seem most people get back to where they were before the procedure plus some get better.

However, Dr Dellon who I had seen recommended against it saying that Its only temporary relief and I would have to repeat it several times a year. He is still recommending resection of the cluneal branch of the PFCN even thought he block did not take a way all the pain. I am avoiding surgery....too many stories of people getting worse and waking up to new pains.

I had cryo done in Atlanta (Emory), and it didn't work at all for my pudendal neuralgia.

In fact, it made it a little worse.

Debra13 in reply to Chasegood

Thank you for your reply. I was scheduled to go to Atlanta but didn’t find out till 2 days before I was to board the plane that they didn’t take my insurance. I was told that the doctor would fight for pre-approval. Of course that wasn’t true. They wanted me to pay out of pocket. I couldn’t do that, so I had to cancel. I’m sorry it didn’t work for you and I’m sorry it made you a little worse.

Chasegood in reply to Debra13

Well, Debra, I'm sorry that didn't work out, but if you were going for pn reasons, I'm afraid that type of procedure just doesn't work for that - at least it didn't in my case.

I just don't know that freezing a small part of the nerve is going to keep it from transmitting pain signals. It might work for other applications, but in my case, I believe the nerve is just inflamed or irritated, and I think the injection just irritated it more.

Debra13 in reply to Chasegood

The only reason I thought it might work is because the pulse radial frequency didn’t work for me and I seem to feel better with ice. But I’ve been hearing a lot of bad results from cryo so I’m kinda glad I never went. Thank you

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