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Morning all

I have been on antibiotics for over 3 months

I have throbbing pain between my penis and anus... it’s worse when I’m sitting down or in bed!

I feel urge to go for wee and poo all the time...

It’s really annoying me and effecting my life as I keep spending too much time in the toilet.

Has anyone been Thru it and how long will it go away??

Any other ways to reduce pain etc??



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Find a pelvic floor physio. Your doctor is clearly not up on the science around CPPS/non-bacterial prostatitis.


Hi Davola77

This may be a long shot but I've just found out about a condition called Pudendal Neuralgia after posting about my suffering. I don't think this is what I've got but you may find it interesting to look it up on google as you may relate to one or two of the symptoms?

Hope you find answers soon...



that’s exactly what the problem is, but the urologist will only insert a thing into your bladder and anus and cut the nerves, they said i could have it, to which i said no way jose! and stuck with amitriptaline and less curries 😱


Hi David.

I have had similar symptoms for nearly four years now: burning and building pressure, particularly behind the penis and in the perineum, but also inside the urethra - at the base of the penis, underneath. This is a twisting, nervy, pressure pain that builds in intensity. There is a raw, broken feeling - a high pitched sensation, like nails down a blackboard. It feels like a cold thumb hit by a hammer - a numb burning, throbbing sensation. There is increased sensitivity - to touch and to movement, and a hot liquid sensation inside the urethra - foreign body sensation. It feels like there is a ball of fire behind the penis, moving around. There is an itching and tickling sensation; spasms that shoot inside penis and back to anus.

Sometimes, there is a very odd feeing in my pelvic floor - like the bottom is falling out; like going down on a rollercoaster. This only really occurs when I am falling asleep in bed at night and in the dawn hours. Occasionally, I suffer cystitis-like symptoms - it burns, stings and hurts when urinating. After urinating, it feels like fireworks are going off in the urethra and perineum - burning, tingling and spasms. But momentarily, there is a sense of relief; a release of pressure. Going to the toilet also sets off the symptoms.

The symptoms are worst in the hour before I get-up in the morning, in the evening and after a long period of sitting-down: the attacks build in intensity - scratching and burning sensation, pressure and desperate to pee. It feels like hot liquid moving around inside the urethra.

This condition has taken an incredible emotional toll. I feel frustration, anger, denial, depression and anxiety. My depression centres around being convinced that the condition is incurable/untreatable no matter what I do. I feel trapped, hopeless, and full of despair. I feel like I am living my life through a fog. The condition prevents me from living my life fully. When the symptoms have dissipated and I forget about the condition, I remember it and feel crushing depression and hopelessness.

I have been on a number of different drugs, including Pregabalin, Gabapentin and Duloxetine. I saw a pelvic floor physiotherapist in Eastleigh, Hampshire, who did help me a good deal. I am due to see her again next month owing to a terrible flare up during Christmas that is yet to subside.

I would certainly recommend reading 'Headache in the Pelvis'.

I hope you get some relief soon.



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Brother I am suffering from this kind of thing....I have lost all pleasure of my life..I m only 26 years old....what kind of punishment God has given to me.....24 hours burning in urethra and strange sensation in penis and scrotum just killing me....


try amitriptaline davola, it’s the only thing that helps with me drug wise, and cutting out tomato based foods ie curries etc, as it’s really acidic and inflames my bladder anyway, and cut out caffeine, if u can.


Well I was still on antibiotics so dr told me to stop so i stopped and after a few days it started to heal and now it’s seems ok

Been to urologist last thurs and had my prostate checked and seems fine but got bladder scan and camera to check inside to be safe

So must be ok now hopefully

Very strange!!

Could be linked to anxiety which my brain controls my body


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